I’m sure there’s a small increase in recoil compared to the .223 Rem. Die 145 Grains Vollmantelpatrone schafft 716 m/s. Because it’s spec’d by SAAMI at 55,000 psi (which is the same as the .223 Rem. A .223 case with basically a .36 caliber projectile. The age-old question, 9mm vs .45 ACP. The data in both cases are from a 20-inch barrel, which is somewhat common in the field and is the standard test length utilized by most ammunition companies..350 Legend vs.450 Bushmaster Ballistics Sie soll zudem 20% weniger Rückstoß als eine .243 Winchester bei gleichzeitig 20% stärkerer Penetration im Zielmedium aufweisen. Range Life. all4shooters.com / all4hunters.com ist faszinierend, vielschichtig, informativ und erklärend zugleich. Many have picked up the 450 Bushmaster in a bolt action and now the newest 350 Legend. Mit Hilfe unserer Web-Plattform ist Kommunikation endlich in beiden Richtungen möglich. Wir schaffen es erstmals, auch die Jugend wieder für unsere Themen zu begeistern. Wir zeigen Ihnen die Neuheiten. Put me on the Waiting List × Put me on the waiting list. due to the Legend’s heavier bullet, but I didn’t notice. BE A SHOOTER!Waffen, Munition, Optik, Leidenschaft: Das sind die vier Schlüsselelemente, die alle Fans vereinen, die sich rund um die Welt für Waffen interessieren. We will contact you as soon as this product is available. Subscriber Services. For some, this has been asked and answered already. Und jetzt viel Spaß beim Surfen auf unseren internationalen Internetseiten, unseren Facebook-Sites oder unseren internationalen YouTube-Channels! I consider my 12" 350 to be equal to a 22" 20ga. and .243 Win. Looks like I will have to remove the inner shoulder ribs from the Pmag with a dremel tool. Availability: Out of Stock. A claim based on specific ammunition choices. Winchester’s new 350 Legend cartridge is a .223 case blown out to have straight walls, making it a perfectly viable choice for those states which require the use of a straight-walled rifle cartridge for deer hunting, and boasts an energy advantage of 120 ft.-lbs. I think it was a 1990s hip-­hop and rap artist who once wrote the lyrics, “I like big bullets and I cannot lie,” or something to that effect. For the.350 Legend, the ammo of choice is Winchester ’s 150-grain Deer Season XP, with a listed muzzle velocity of 2,325 fps and a BC of.223. Swarovski Z5(i) P BT L 3.5-­18x44mm Scope Review, Browning X-Bolt Hell's Canyon Speed Long Range McMillan Review, Guns & Ammo TV: 6.5 Creedmoor vs. .375 H&H, Guns & Ammo TV: Shooting 600 Yards with .300 Blackout, .350 Legend Cartridge: Everything You Need to Know, Red vs. Green Lasers: Visibility in Bright Light, Surefire XSC Micro-Compact Pistol Light: First Look, Guns & Ammo TV: Cameras Don't Lie: 9mm vs .45 ACP. Wir begeistern Sie aber auch mit echten Geschichten passionierter Jäger oder Sportschützen . So, here’s what I’ve learned thus far on the how and why Winchester unveiled the .350 Legend. Producing bolt action rifles in .350 Legend should be a snap. FN Awarded U.S. Army Contract for the M249 SAW . Straight-up Legendary Introducing the World’s Fastest Straight-Walled Hunting Cartridge. In this segment of “At The Range,” Handgunning Editor Jeremy Stafford and contributor Patrick Sweeney compare the visibility of red and green lasers in outdoor, sunny conditions. $434.99 $281.99 Sale. is far from abusive, but the .350 Legend is positively tame. Die Testwaffen auf dem Industry Day waren aber alle in schwarz gehalten und mit einem Synthetikschaft ausgerüstet. Nach den ballistischen Daten liefert diese Munition wohl deutlich mehr Energie im Ziel als eine .300 AAC Blackout oder eine .30-30. If many of you, like me, have wondered why there’s been a rapid rise in the popularity of the .450 Bushmaster these last few years. Grundsätzlich gibt es die XPR-Serie von Winchester in unterschiedlichen Oberflächen-Finishes und Farben. The item you are trying to purchase is currently out of stock. The initial factory hunting load uses a .357-­inch, 150-­grain Deer Season Extreme Point (XP) bullet featuring a large polymer-­blend tip. I took my first shot at 13 yards from a tree stand where I had to thread the bullet through the tree limbs into an unobstructed target: the buck’s heart and lungs. Being a few years older than the 350 Legend, the 300 Blackout captured the eyes of most hunters. Not real impressive beyond 200 yards but that's kinda why it was developed for suburban deer hunting . Comparing the .350 Legend to the .223 Rem., we see both having a maximum chamber pressure of 55,000 pounds per square inch (psi) and both using about 21 grains of powder. Keep in mind that most hunting ammunition currently sells for an average of $28 to $32 per box. All Rights Reserved. Or grab my 308 for extended range. Sie soll zudem 20% weniger Rückstoß als eine .243 Winchester bei gleichzeitig 20% stärkerer Penetration im Zielmedium aufweisen. There are the curious who wonder why it exists and what problem it solves, and then a few folks approach it with hostility and point out what the cartridge doesn’t do. Name: * Email: * Phone: * Close Submit. To get started, click the link below to visit mymagnow.com and learn how to access your digital magazine. Birth of the Winchester 350 Legend . Muzzle blast is just as much to blame as recoil when it comes to identifying what causes poor shooting habits. This means the .350 Legend has very mild recoil and little muzzle blast. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. Yes, when comparing similarly constructed Deer Season XP® Extreme Point® bullets, 350 Legend achieves greater penetration than 243 Winchester. Bullet performance was excellent and the very low recoil made it possible to get back on target fast. Range Life. The Taurus TX22 rimfire shoots like no other. Alle Neuheiten der SHOT Show 2019 finden Sie hier bei all4shooters.com. These dimensions were aimed at making sure that no bullet of that diameter fired from that type of case would travel far enough from the muzzle to pose much of a threat to potentially nearby residents. The .350 Legend is a .223 case blown out to have straight walls, making it the perfect cartridge for deer hunting in straight-walled cartridge states. The taper is to facilitate extraction, because tapered cases experience much less friction than those without when pulled from the chamber. With Blued Steel Barrel and Rail Base. An dieser Stelle ein herzliches Dankeschön an unsere Kollegen von VISIER , caliber und Schweizer Waffenmagazin , die uns immer tatkräftig unterstützen. .350 Legend (AR-15) Upgrade or build your next rifle with one of our AR-15 .350 Legend Upper Receivers. AR-15 350 Legend 12.5" Mlok Tactical Upper Assembly - The new 350 Legend is an upgrade to your standard AR-15 platform in pistol length. JE Machine AR-15 SOPMOD Stock Finish … SHOT Show 2018 / Neu von Winchester: neue Munition in verschiedenen Kalibern. Jul 14, 2019 #13 Actually the 350 legend uses a 9mm barrel to chamber … Well, I do, too. Winchester figured out that using the .223 Remington as the parent case for its new .350 Legend was the way to go, but taking .223 Rem. What I did notice was how little muzzle blast the .350 Legend generates. A modified magazine must be used for proper operation. Therefore, bullets exit the muzzle at approximately .355” when fired from any of those three cartridges. Winchester präsentierte eine Vielzahl von neuen Munitionssorten für Lang- und Kurzwaffen auf der Messe. The Legend’s bullet construction is different, but the machines and some of the tooling are the same. This cartridge has similar ballistics to the .30-­30 Winchester and the 7.62x39mm, but it does so using a .35-­caliber bullet designed to expand at Legend velocities. Unsere Grundphilosophie besteht darin, ausgewogen, unparteiisch sowie journalistisch neutral zu berichten, damit unsere User und Partner in der Industrie aktuelle Entwicklungen zeitnah verfolgen und Auswirkungen besser verstehen können. More Range Life. If it wasn't for the stupid game laws, I'd just go shoot deer with gold dots or fusions in .223 because I'm not a fucking idiot and can actually hit them and know not to take shots at too far a range. Calling the Legend’s muzzle blast mild is an understatement; no rifle cartridge has less. By Slaton L. White. Between these two recent experiences, I’m very comfortable recommending the use of the .350 Legend on whitetail out to 200 yards, where legal, especially for those who prefer as little recoil as possible. 350 Legend shares Bore and Groove dimensions with: 9mm Luger, 9x23 Winchester, 357 Magnum, 357 Sig, 38 Special, 38 Super, 380 Auto That being said, the actual bullet diameter of Winchester's loaded ammunition is .357". Kommunikation über effektivere Kanäle: In gedruckten Medien laufen die Informationen in typischen Einbahnstraßen. SKU: CR4817. all4shooters.com und all4hunters.com haben ein einfaches Credo:Wir sind für alle da, die ihre Leidenschaft für die Jagd oder für das Sportschießen leben, im Wettkampf oder als Hobby schießen oder einfach Spaß an Waffen , Optik und dem entsprechenden Zubehör haben. Die 265 Grains Super Suppressed-Unterschall-Laborierung bringt es auf eine Anfangsgeschwindigkeit von 323 m/s. Unsere Services für Sie: Unsere internationale Plattform in vier Sprachen mit entsprechenden Social-Media-Auftritten bei Facebook, Instagram und YouTube erreicht ein aktives, interessiertes und internationales Millionenpublikum – jeden Monat! Marktnähe ist unser Plus – trotz unserer weltweiten Verbreitung über das Web. Similar bullet tolerances also exist for 357 Magnum and 357 Maximum. Pistol. Winchester reps let slip that the case is loaded with around 21 grains of powder, but did not mention what powder, or which factory load / bullet weight to which they were referring. Using the same case head diameter of the .223 Remington at a length of 1.71-inch, the 350 Legend uses a .357-inch diameter bullet, for a combination that is very easy on the shoulder while being effective downrange. Aber eines ist klar: über so eine Innovation müssen wir berichten. The .350 Legend shares many characteristics with the .223 Remington, the overall cartridge length is 2.26 inches (57 mm) long with a rim diameter of .378 inches (9.6 mm), but it is not derived from the .223 Remington. Definitely not like touching off a full power rifle. However, 350 Legend uses the same.378 nominal rim diameter as 223 Rem. Was macht den Unterschied?Da ist zum einen das journalistische, redaktionelle Angebot, zum anderen sind es die Mehrwert-Dienste. The low recoil comes from it having the same case head size and powder capacity as a .223 Rem. In Stock. Small, lightweight and purpose-built for sub-compact carry guns, Surefire's XSC pistol light takes on EDC illumination segment. all4shooters.com ist unsere internationale Plattform in vier Sprachen, die Ihnen diese Welt eröffnet. The 350 Legend SAAMI bullet diameter is specified at .357”-.003”. While the performance of the .350 Legend is excellent, the cost of the cartridge is another attraction. Lesen Sie hier alle Details zu Waffe und Munition. I’ve been told that Winchester will soon produce full-­metal-­jacket (FMJ) ammunition for the .350 Legend, and that the FMJ load will cost even less per box. Zu einer neuen Munition gehört natürlich auch die passenden Jagdwaffen, die Winchester auf den Industry Day at the Range 2019 gleich mitgebracht hatte. While this law started in Michigan, it has since spread to other states including Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Since the .350 Legend uses brass that starts off on the same machines, it is relatively simple to produce in large quantities. Winchester produces millions of rounds of .223 Rem. That huge difference in volume explains why the .350 Legend’s muzzle blast is much lower than that of a .223 Rem. Winchester/Savage Arms These are some top choices for rifles chambered in .350 Legend. In Stock. Hier hat Winchester einen echten Coup gelandet und die Neuheit bis zuletzt unter Verschluss gehalten. Nutzer und Anbieter kommen besser in Verbindung. Quick View. (It’s just over a 250-­percent reduction.) cases and transforming them into Legends would require three draw steps and some additional forming on a hydraulic press. Built with hunters and sport shooters in mind, 350 Legend is versatile on the range and in the deer woods. Part Number: GM-NIB-BCG-1. $434.99 $316.99 Sale. and the .223 Rem.’s volume is .76 cu.-­in. The 350 Legend can not be made from 223 Remington cases; The 350 Legend does not use standard 5.56 magazines; The 350 Legend is not .357 caliber; I think the claim that the 350 Legend has more energy and penetrates better than the .243 Winchester is mostly bogus as well. Muzzle blast is caused by a high exit pressure, or the pressure of the gas inside the barrel when the bullet leaves the muzzle. Printmedien, Website, Social Media, YouTube – alles international koordiniert und aus einer Hand. What does that savings look like in the gun store? VS Medien GmbHRömerstraße 58, 56130 Bad EmsDeutschlandinfo@vsmedien.de, Wir über uns:Das internationale Redaktions-Team. is far from abusive, but the .350 Legend is positively tame. Der Überraschungseffekt ist definitiv gelungen. Throw in some serious savings at the cash register and I predict that the .350 Legend will enjoy a long and prosperous life. Sie ist im Vergleich zu anderen jungen Kalibern wie der ganz aktuellen .300 Precision Rifle Cartridge (PRC) von Hornady oder der im Vorjahr vorgestellten .224 Valkyrie von Federal für unsere Märkte und Breitengrade wohl eher ein Exot. Winchester’s engineers worked the draw process and the taper to produce a case mouth that accommodates a .357-­inch diameter bullet. Enter the 350 Legend. It may have something to do with this positive news. GM 350 legend / 300 Black Out / 5.56 / .223 Wylde BCG NIB. But as soon as the 350 Legend was introduced, hunting enthusiasts started digging on the new centerfire rifle cartridge. Do NOT use .358 caliber rifle projectiles! Rifle shoots fine. |   A friend of mine on the hunt took another animal with the .350 Legend at just under 200 yards. The Winchester .350 Legend case is similar in many respects to the .223 Rem., but the two cases are not interchangeable. Add To Cart. Und das zu einem sehr günstigen Preis... Diese neue Patrone von Winchester ist und bleibt aber wohl vorwiegend eine US-amerikanische Angelegenheit. He was dead at 36 yards. Auf dem Industry Day at the Range 2019 konnten wir die neue Winchester XPR in .350 Legend ausprobieren. When a new cartridge comes out, shooters seem to fall into one of two camps. If you want to ring steel with an easy-­going cartridge that has an almost indefinite barrel life, the Legend is for you. Egal ob Sie dabei an die aktuellen Produktvorstellungen von den großen internationalen Leitmessen denken – oder einfach nur ein faszinierendes YouTube-Video vor Augen haben. Problem is the magazines. 350 Legend has no parent case. Was immer Sie suchen: Die Chancen stehen gut, dass Sie es direkt auf unserer Webseite oder in der Google Suche bei all4shooters.com / all4hunters.com finden. 150 Grains = 708 m/s, 160 Grains = 678 m/s und 180 Grains = 640 m/s. The .350 Legend has a volume of 1.92 cubic inches (cu.-­in.) The 350 Legend also uses the same .346” bore and .355” groove dimensions as 357 Mag and 357 Max. Can not correctly load rounds into Pmag or Brownells AR-15 magazines, the rounds will not stack right. Der Geschossdurchmesser beträgt .357 Zoll und die Geschosslänge liegt bei 1,71 Zoll. Please enter your name, email, and phone number below. roll over image to zoom in overview. That may not seem like much of a difference, but it’s significant enough that using 223 brass in the 350 chamber could possibly result in a blown case head. In March 2017, the NRC recommended the law’s sunset provision be removed “entirely.”. At this point the 223 case measures .3759″ while the 350 case measures slightly larger at .3900″. Bullets for the .350 Legend also get produced on the same machines as 9mm projectiles. Bei all4hunters.com stehen Jagdwaffen , Jagdmunition sowie die entsprechende Optik und Ausrüstung im Mittelpunkt. Und dass die Knock-Down-Power der neuen Munition im jagdlichen Einsatz passt, davon kann man ausgehen. 350 offers a significant increase in velocity and energy without having to buy a specialty bolt. Straight-wall cartridge rifles have really taken off for whitetail deer hunting in the Midwest United States the last few years. This matters to everybody, but especially to new and young shooters. 350 Legend vs Other Straight-Wall Cartridges The 350 Legend will be used primarily in states that do not allow typical rifle cartridges but do allow straight-wall ammunition. Diesen Artikel gibt es auch in dieser Sprache: Das internationale Redaktionsteam von all4shooters.com, Winchester .350 Legend: neues Gewehrkaliber, .300 Precision Rifle Cartridge (PRC) von Hornady. The Guns of James Bond: Roger Moore. In this segment of "Guns & Ammo TV," Gun Tech Editor Richard Nance and Pro-Shooter Jim Tarr head to the range to wring out the Umarex Air Ruger 10/22. The bullet entered behind the shoulder on one side of the deer and exited through the shoulder on the far side. Auch im Vergleich zur .450 Bushmaster soll das Schussverhalten der .350 Legend moderater/angenehmer sein. Winchester bietet das neue Kaliber gleich in verschiedenen Laborierungen mit 145 Grains FMJ-, 150 Grains Deer Season XP-, 265 Grains Super Suppressed, 160 Grains Power Max Bonded und 180 Grains Power Point-Geschoss an. Gold $$ Contributor . Wir waren vom relativ geringen Rückstoß dieses großen Kalibers positiv überrascht und können nur sagen: Speziell in der Version mit Schalldämpfer machte uns das Schießen sehr viel Spaß. Its sleek, lightweight, and easy to operate design sets a new standard for affordable single shot hunting rifles. Because of its similarities to the .223 Remington and 5.56 mm NATO, the .350 Legend is suitable for use in AR-15 type semiautomatic rifles, although it will not fit in standard AR-15 magazines without modification. A box of hunting ammunition will sell for $19 to $22. is a time-honored, low-pressure, close- to medium-range deer and black bear cartridge typically found in Marlin lever-action rifles. For others, the debate goes on. Winchester notes, "several other firearm manufacturers are gearing up" to produce rifles chambered in .350 Legend. Updated: January 24, 2019. over the veteran .30-30 Win., yet delivers less recoil than the old deer classic. and the .223 Rem.’s volume is .76 cu.-­in. Then a third draw would swage out the lower portion of the case an additional .013 inch to allow for some cartridge taper. Gun Reviews. Die .350 Legend soll die leistungsstärkste Gewehrpatrone mit Zylinderhülse der Welt sein, die mehr Energie als eine .30-30 Winchester, .300 AAC Blackout oder .223 Remington besitzt. and .300 Blackout), the .350 Legend produces ballistic performance similar to the classic .35 Remington. Rimfire Power. Stan Taylor. Products [21] Sort by: Quick View. The .350 Legend touted by Winchester, the innovator of this all-new caliber ammunition as “The fastest straight-walled hunting cartridge in the world” Designed especially for hunters and sporting shooters, .350 Legend is a great new addition to your arsenal. In jeder Sprache bringen wir das, was für die jeweiligen Märkte und natürlich für Sie von größter Bedeutung ist. You can get an idea what exit pressure will be like by learning to analyze a cartridge based on how much powder is in the case, the bore diameter and the barrel’s length. This makes this a small cartridge ideally suited for hunting hogs and deer. Any short-action platform that handles the .223 Remington can be easily reworked to handle the .350 Legend cartridge. The overall loaded length of the ammunition I tested for Guns & Ammo measured 2.25 inches, which is identical to the length of the .223 Rem. Add To Cart. Dazu kommen aktuelle, internationale News und alles Wissenswertes rund um neue Produkte und Entwicklungen für unsere Hobbies. Luth AR MBA-4 Stock AR-15 Finish Your Rifle Kit 5.56/.223/.300 BLKOUT/.350 Legend . With a muzzle velocity of about 2,290 fps out of a 20-­inch barrel, that gives the .350 Legend an effective range of somewhere between 200 and 250 yards. The .223 Rem. Maximum Cartridge Overall Length (C.O.L.) In den USA ist sie in 47 von 50 Bundesstaaten legal und der günstige Preis, der bei unter 10,- US-Dollar für 20 Schuss beginnt, macht diese Munition für Jäger auf stärkeres Wild besonders interessant. Die Jagdpatrone .350 Legend baut auf einer nostalgisch anmutenden, zylindrischen Hülse auf und soll dem Vernehmen nach eine brauchbare Alternative für einige US-Bundesstaaten sein, in deren Jagdrevieren moderne Hochleistungspatronen mit den dominierenden Flaschenhalshülsen aufgrund ihrer weitreichenden Ballistik und flachen Flugbahn und der daraus resultierenden größeren Umland- und Hinterland-Gefährdung nicht erlaubt sind. I’m all about a healthy debate, but I’m an optimist at heart. With marginal cartridge specs, the 350 Legend vs 300 Blackout topic always gets a head-on collision in the shooting community. Got my first 350 Legend build almost done. All Guns and Ammo subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. With the .355 bore there are reports that some states requiring a .357 … Quick View. The Sentry 12: A New Kind of Shotgun. The .350 Legend is a small cartridge with the same 2.25 inches cartridge overall length (COL) as the .223 and it operates at the same (high) 55,000 psi maximum average pressure (MAP) as its parent cartridge. find a store. every month for the U.S. military. (It’s just over a 250-­percent reduction.) The first two draw steps produced a long, straight-­walled case 1.71 inches long, with a .378-­inch case head. “The .350 Legend brass is similar but definitely not the same as .223/5.56,” says Nathan Robinson, Winchester media relations manager. Looks like the 350 Legend will need specific mags. By the time the bullet gets to the end of a 20-­inch barrel, the volume of the bore is considerably different between the two rounds. It passed through and created a large exit wound. ©2020 Outdoor Sportsman Group. 30-30 Win Deer Season XP, 150-Grain Extreme Point Muzzle Velocity: 2,205 FPS Muzzle Energy: 1,619 ft/lb. In this segment of “Cameras Don't Lie,” competitive shooters Patrick Sweeney and Jim Tarr head to the range to put the vaunted loads on record, and then consider the footage. After all, the commercial version has been with us for more than a decade. is set at 2.260"—identical to that of.223 Rem.—meaning that 350 Legend will fit in.223 Rem.-length actions without issue. Shooting deer with a .450 is like swatting flies with a sledgehammer. What is the 350 Legend parent case? Winchester’s legendary tradition of innovation continues with the 350 Legend, the fastest straight-walled hunting cartridge in the world. and the 9mm machinery are being passed along to the consumer. 5.56/.223/.300/.350 Legend. (Winchester Ammunition graphic) (Winchester Ammunition graphic) If leaning toward the 350 Legend, based on ballistics, understand that it also outshines other similar cartridges, especially in the recoil, penetration and energy departments. The .350 Legend has a volume of 1.92 cubic inches (cu.-­in.) Therefore, most hunters and gun owners will want to know how the cartridge stacks up against other straight-wall ammo, not necessarily how it compares to bottleneck hunting cartridges like the .308 Winchester. V/S. A loaded round uses about 21 grains of powder and pushes the bullet down a large .35-­caliber hole. Price: $348.95. Mit dem Kaliber .350 Legend hat Winchester auf der SHOT Show 2019 alle überrascht. That huge difference in volume explains why the .350 Legend’s muzzle blast is much lower than that of a .223 Rem. Sponsored Post. As most readers know, the .35 Rem. According to some research, the 350 Legend gets better penetration than the .223 Rem. I ran the bolt, got back on the now-­running buck, and quickly sent my second security shot through his shoulder at 27 yards. It’s great when a cartridge is easy on the shooter, but that doesn’t matter much if it doesn’t perform in the field. Ditto for AR15 platforms, whether complete rifles or uppers. SHOT Show 2019 / Neu von Winchester: Munition im neuen Kaliber .350 Legend. Kicks about like a .223 with heavy bullets. Winchester Ammo has something special up its sleeve for deer hunters. Latest. “The .350 Legend has a larger body diameter just above the head than the .223 Rem.” KAK Blade AR-15 5.56/.223/.300 BLKOUT/.350 Legend Finish Your Pistol Kit. The tip improved the bullet’s ballistic coefficient and ensures expansion down to an impact velocity of 1,550 feet per second (fps). Guns & Ammo's Tom Beckstrand sits down with Hornady Vice President Jason Hornady to discuss... Give a Gift   In June 2014, Michigan’s Natural Resources Commission (NRC) approved the regulation to allow the limited use of certain rifles capable of using .35-­caliber or larger ammunition with straight-­walled cartridges that have a minimum case length of 1.16 inches and a maximum case length of 1.8 inches to take deer in the limited firearms deer zone. *16" barrel with 12" handguard shown* *WARNING* Please note this barrel will use muzzle devices designed for .40 caliber barrels. Rifle. For the hunter who wants a high-quality single shot rifle, the SCOUT™ is the ideal choice. Scout .350 Legend – Blued/Black. 350 Legend Deer Season XP, 150-Grain Extreme Point Muzzle Velocity: 2,325 FPS Muzzle Energy: 1,800 ft/lb. The 350 Legend is rated at a maximum average pressure of 55,000 psi. The economies of scale savings from leveraging components from the .223 Rem. Auch im Vergleich zur .450 Bushmaster soll das Schussverhalten der .350 Legend … Supercharge your AR-15 in one easy step!Features:Barrel Length: 12.. Winchester took note of the increased interest in the .450 Bushmaster, and decided that it was time to develop a cartridge that was more shooter-­friendly, less expensive and more appropriate for deer hunting. Und das sogar vor der Kamera und mit vielen exklusiven Tests nur für Online. Die .350 Legend soll die leistungsstärkste Gewehrpatrone mit Zylinderhülse der Welt sein, die mehr Energie als eine .30-30 Winchester, .300 AAC Blackout oder .223 Remington besitzt. So, I evaluated the .350 Legend on a Missouri whitetail hunt last fall and I’m happy to say that I had great success with the new cartridge. The .223 Rem.

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