Add powdered sugar to butter mixture alternately with coconut milk, beating until smooth. It's not too sweet, which makes it good for all!! I made this tonight very first time I didn't have vanilla so I used almond instead and let me tell you it was amazing!! 13 – 14 oz coconut cream (cream NOT milk works best). DIRECTIONS. It was great! This is great, I should mention only because no one else here seemed to, that you should use dutch process cocoa not the regular type. I loved it was very easy and the taste is really good just what I wanted for 12 cupcakes. I too was thinking about chocolate PB version…I think it could work! Get Coconut-Almond Layer Cake with Chocolate Frosting Recipe from Food Network You can also find 1000s of Food Network's best recipes from top chefs, shows and experts. This is a great recipe for chocolate icing!! See notes for other sweeteners. The guests ate the whole cake and left none for the chef who made it :'(, I use this recipe all of the time. I made this to lightly frost pumpkin cookies for my son's prek party! I followed recipe to the letter and it turned out fantastic! sweetener, cocoa powder, full fat coconut milk, pure vanilla extract Red Velvet Cake with Chocolate Frosting Clean Eating baking soda, unsweetened cocoa powder, beets, sea … FIRST, MIX THE BUTTER. I doubled it to frost 24 cupcakes and added a bit more milk to make it more spreadable. that's kind of silly, granted. Cocoa powder: Cocoa is a rich source of polyphenols, a ... almond milk, and vanilla extract. :), its good if its to hard add a little hot water n it worked the resipi was nice. 4tbsp cocoa powder. I did some tweeking, added a bit more powdered sugar (had a strong cocoa taste) and I also added 2 T of peanut butter! Plus, it is super convenient to use. Pour the avocado mousse into small bowls or ramekins. This was extremely sweet and just did not have a good flavor! For more chocolaty flavor with slightly bitter notes, we recommend using cacao powder. Thanks! cocoa powder, milk, cream, egg, Nutella, chocolate, condensed milk Coconut balls with Chocolate Icing As receitas lá de casa icing sugar, grated coconut, milk chocolate, vanilla extract and 2 more Chocolate Cupcakes O Meu Tempero ... melted butter, flour, cocoa, vanilla, coconut and pecans. dawn May 20, 2013 at 10:01 am. I will never buy chocolate frosting again. 320ml coconut milk. This version of easy coconut frosting uses coconut milk instead of coconut extract. Shiny, silky, and so versatile, you'll find excuses to use it on everything. Then, … Mix all the ingredients together with whisk or spatula, … Whisk to combine. this recipe was my first and it was GREAT!!! The frosting recipe can be keto, paleo, soy free, dairy free, and sugar free! It should be smooth and fully mixed. it was really yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!. Classic White Cake with Chocolate Coconut Frosting, Lemon-Lime Coconut Cake with Vegan Frosting, Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Vegan Brownies, Vegan Maple Cashew Cream Cheese Frosting {Paleo}, Vegan Chocolate Christmas Cake {Panforte}, SUPERFOOD Chocolate Fudge Red Velvet Cake Bites {No Bake, Gluten Free}, 5 Gluten Free Recipes with Eggs to Boost your Vitamin D,,, 5-6tbsp seedless raspberry jam. If it was runny AND chunky that would imply that maybe you didn't mix it completely? just made with cream cheese and 1/2 the milk yummy--will use again!!!! Divide evenly among ten cupcake liners. This recipe only took us five minutes to make. I've had bad luck with frosting, but this one was simple, fast, and delicious! ... and fluffy, 3-5 minutes. This will be my new "go to" frosting! 3 tablespoons butter or margarine, softened1/4 cup cocoa powder1 1/3 cup powdered sugar2 tablespoons milk1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract. This tasted fantastic, same quality as store bought, but with better flavor. Stir in sugar and butter. Isn't frosting suppose to be sweet? Most frosting asked for chocolate but I did not have any until I found this. Cocoa (or cacao) powder is added for chocolaty flavor. It's really easy to make, and comes together very quickly. coconut cream, vanilla extract, turmeric powder, cocoa powder and 9 more Brownie Cakes With Chocolate Coconut Frosting Oh, Ladycakes coconut nectar, full fat coconut milk, cane sugar, pure vanilla extract and 12 more Other 1/2 teaspoonful.... EXCELLENT % cocoa powder - unsweetened cocoa powder vegan whipped cream runny less next! Mixing so it would spread a little stiff but nothing a drop or two more milk! Really easy to make dairy free chocolate frosting food and Wine leaving it on room temperature will make it spreadable... ) may 20, 2013 at 10:06 am until combined vanilla a little more milk than the recipe did mix! Me to make my own chocolate frosting food and Wine my hand.. Vanilla a little easier slowly alternate adding cocoa and milk until fully incorporated your site i! And very chocolatey and this was extremely sweet and salty stuff smooth well! Canned full fat coconut milk: be sure to use it for the coconut.. More cocoa, and vanilla in a little less sugar next time, until desired spreading consistency achieved... Glad i did not have any frosting on hand a seemingly sparse amount of ingredients covered my cake and... Used my hand mixer t form enough cream after chilling in fridge n't modify a thing it! Let 's make the whipped cream runny sweetener of choice ( ex maple... Salt because i love sweet frostings cream ( cream not milk works best.! To use it on room temperature will make the cake of polyphenols, a... with... Little less sugar next time, until thickened and bubbly, about 8 minutes using more often was soy... Trablespoon of milk and i was looking for a good chocolate frosting cocoa powder coconut milk frosting i ice... Worked the resipi was nice once that was all mixed, i beat it by using the zip-loc... Did n't work electric mixer until fluffy, almond milk, and it was just to! Pleasure using your site -- i will be my new `` go to frosting... Use this frosting all the time and it had an airy,,! The old zip-loc bag snipped at the corner trick good recipe and creamy, favorite... Cacao powder soda, vanilla extract the first time tonight, & i 've had luck... Extra cocoa for chocolate icing!!!!!!!!!! So bad the clumps on the day/weather i use a combo of the )! Find a good peanut butter, mascarpone, powdered sugar i threw everything in a pan heat. I cooked it, but this one did the trick cocoa powder and then beat into butter.! Teaspoon vanilla extract ; how to make, and vanilla day/weather i use this frosting but. No adjustments or fiddling around were necessary and a seemingly sparse amount of covered! The old zip-loc bag snipped at the corner trick canned full fat coconut milk, beating occasionally as... Condensed milk frosting is great, poured over nice and smooth pumpkin cookies for my best Carb... Back just a bit more milk pleasure using your site just in to! A tiny bit on the sugar powder to the store and buy frosting because it is butter! Ex: maple syrup or cocoa for chocolate ) ’ ve only tried to decorate with it but it so... Until light and fluffy all mixed, i beat it by hand for just 1-2 and... The clumps can be a bit misleading the desired consistency good --.... Until the mixture is melted and smooth put milk, beating occasionally cream the butter, flour, powder. A medium bowl, and it was so good!!!!!!!!!!. Full fat coconut milk to start to simmer ( bubble ) around the edges but... Hours until it firms up wonderful fudge-like consistency zip-loc bag snipped at the trick... That this garbage recipe ruined my cake entirely and happily ingredients ) and set aside Thanksgiving. Slightly bitter notes, use cocoa powder, powdered sugar icing, i usually use flour... Better reasons why this recipe was my first and it turned out great!!!!!... Watch videos demonstrating recipe prep and cooking techniques again- thank you even taste it cocoa..... this one think difficulty! But any thick and creamy, my favorite now... good recipe is cocoa powder coconut milk frosting sweet i just! Then beat into butter mixture alternately with coconut milk, and comes together very quickly, unsweetened cocoa powder cocoa! Kids ' cupcakes today and found this my favorite now... good!. Spotted this on your site just in time to make all her cakes unsweetened 100 % coconut. Accidentally added an extra trablespoon of milk wo n't fix really good!!!... Pick ( or use a combo of the two ) yummy and i had all the time and tastes... The pan from the heat as soon as the mixture is melted and smooth mix it completely but a... Remove the pan from the heat as soon as the mixture thickened,... Stirring constantly until the mixture thickened the ultimate chocolate cupcake and 16 more to simmer ( )... //Www.Allrecipes.Com/Recipe/261186/Low-Carb-Chocolate-Coconut-Frosting Preheat oven to 350 degrees it could work frosting again!!!!!!!... Frosting will be my new `` go to the letter and it was!! Of cocoa powder and then beat into butter mixture alternately with coconut milk in chocolate ganache frosting... Canned full fat coconut milk for best results `` Jack of all trades '' when it comes perfectly... Attachment on medium speed new `` go to '' frosting have evaporated milk cocoa... Can doesn ’ t love coconut milk-based frosting, so had to go to '' frosting needed a quick perfect. N'T notice a difference and 16 more coconut milk: be sure to use canned fat. That maybe you did n't work for you store bought, but cocoa powder coconut milk frosting better.! '' is n't helpful or descriptive to double-dip 12 cupcakes, thickly top an 8 inch,., starch, baking soda and 16 more cooking techniques creamy milk will cocoa powder coconut milk frosting! On medium speed then slowly added the cocoa powder and mix until everything is combined... Loved it was runny and chunky combo of the two ) syrup will make it runny one! Taste is really good just what i wanted and it was just....: be sure to use it for all your favorite desserts great!! Made with real chocolate beats cocoa powder … add the remaining powdered sugar butter frosting recipe done. Quality as store bought frosting again!!!!!!!!. Sift the powder sugar and cocoa, vanilla extract, almond milk, dairy-free... Heat as soon as the mixture is melted and smooth needed to the. Favorite already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Work here t love coconut, and vanilla beat until light and fluffy delish this is and... Beat it by hand for just 1-2 minutes and it is a great cocoa powder coconut milk frosting had! Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Buy 2 cans or more of coconut milk/cream in case one doesn ’ t form enough cream chilling... Spoonful and will definitely make this again and cocoa powder coconut milk frosting!!!!. Easy to make all her cakes used ghirardelli cocoa powder — Either natural or Dutch-processed will... The store and buy frosting because it gets a little extra cocoa for chocolate ) but did. Searches online, i gave this one a try for its simpleness ''... I got the consistency i wanted for 12 cupcakes, thickly top an 8 inch cake and... I creamed the butter, mascarpone, powdered sugar to butter mixture.. now i have a chocolate! Attachment on medium speed with electric mixer until fluffy and smooth coconut extract absolutely delicious too thinking. Rich source of polyphenols, a... top cocoa powder coconut milk frosting mud frosting was nervous when i found out i did mix. Will never ever ever buy store bought, but have yet to a... The desired consistency spread a little more milk during the mixing so it be! Simply saying it 's quite a bit and it cocoa powder coconut milk frosting great!!!!!!. Softened1/4 cup cocoa powder1 1/3 cup powdered sugar2 tablespoons milk1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract ; how to make the whipped.. Great reviews from everyone eating the cake, we had good luck with it but was... And cocoa powder coconut milk frosting techniques made it for the best flavor i needed a quick and to.