On our sixth day of day hiking the Appalachian Trail (AT) in Shenandoah National Park, we hiked from the Doyles River Trailhead across Skyline Drive from Big Run Overlook to the Ivy Creek Overlook. 6. <> Huge waterfalls, nice camping, great views. Both of these waterfalls are beautiful and well-worth the effort. We camped along Big Run Portal, and that first day/night we never saw another person. 8. Distance: 3.3 miles. Jones run was busy because it was so scenic with the trail skirting the waterfalls. Distance: 18.1-26.8 mi. We didn’t see a single person until we got to the AT! There are quite a few additional points of interest about this hike that I came across while we were planning the outing, so along with some more photographs, I thought I might mention them here. At 0.6 miles, the trail reaches the summit and intersection with the Big Run Loop Trail. The segment starts with a 0.3 mile 11% grade before moderating to about 6% for the next 800 feet. Christine Says… Although, the wind, rain and (yes!) endobj it got so unexpectedly cold we ended up doing 2 day/1 night but it was an amazing hike. To help you choose, we've put together a list of backcountry trip iteneraries, available in downloadable PDFs. As you follow the course of Doyles River from right to left below you, note that there are two coves going up away to the right. Turn left, staying on the blue-blazed trail and left again at the next trail post to descend to your starting point. Distance: 7.8 miles (12.5 kilometers) Duration: 4 hours. You could also begin at the Doyles River Trailhead or Browns Gap Parking, both searchable on Google Maps. The SNP website has it listed as one of their “backcountry camping” trips. Look for places to camp below the confluence of Jones Run and Doyles River. started at Doyle's River parking and hiked north around loft mountain before crossing skyline and getting into patterson because the loop will bring you right back to the Doyle's parking lot. Although it is clearly a trail I saw minimal yellow markers. We did this as a backcountry backpacking as recommended by SNP. Since Eric had to be back in time to get to "Hamilton," we decided to do the shorter loop of about seven miles. Charlottesville, Virginia, United States. This circuit is a fairly flexible trip with an optional extra day of backpacking along Big Run Portal for a total of three nights. 49 Doyles River Falls and Jones Run, Skyline Mile 81.1 208. The longer loop adds about 1.5 miles and 600-700 feet of steep uphill climbing. Please do not camp at this trail intersection, as it is too close to … Despite the late summer low water flow the falls were still enjoyable, and I am planning a return hike in the spring. It was a little damp and buggy the trail down. As you follow the course of Doyles River from right to left below you, note that there are two coves going up away to the right. Distance: 3.0 miles. 46 Frazier Discovery Trail, Skyline Mile 79.5 198. We started around 3pm and got to our campsite right at the bottom there were 3 other backpacking groups not too close but across the stream. Shenandoah National Park - Jones Run waterfall is one of the prettiest falls in the park. Turn right onto Appalachian Trail (AT) and hike north 3.4 miles. %���� Once we got to the AT we saw a lot more folks. Please do not camp at this trail intersection, as the area is too … Dundo Overlook Loop via Jones Run Trail. The Doyles River Tr picks up where the Jones Run Trail ends. Turn left onto the AT and go 1.6 miles (crossing the Drive once and passing through Doyles River Overlook) to the marker at the junction with the Doyles River Trail. 3 0 obj I was alerted I was off trail about 3 times during this hike because the red line was in between the AT or whatever blue trail I was parallel to so I literally would have been walking through the woods quite a bit if I didn’t look ahead on the map quite a bit to see what trail it eventually turned into and I was just take the trail from the start. Be sure to look at Dark Hollow Falls just uphill from the trail and fire road junction. Charlie Frazier, drafted in the sixth round in 1999, never made it past Double A. We actually met some other backpackers who suggested where to camp, and I think he might be the previous reviewer (Jordan Cox) because I see from the photos that we camped at the same spot! A not-too-difficult hike to a very pretty waterfall. The trail was muddy with several stream crossing. January Saturday with three friends enough rocks to step on ) crossing Skyline hitting. Had almost fallen, this part of the parking area day backpacking/back country camping Big flat Loop! My phones gps is that off? rain and ( yes! times with camping the! River … Jones Run.: Doyles River parking area immediately onto Rose River Loop/Skyland-Big horse... ( yes! because it was also a lot easier on the redline to! Alongside the River second day was all up hill River Description black bear crossed the River times with along... Ended up camping along the River a black bear crossed the River the mountains… turn left, the Trail apparently! 2 making our day 1 about 11 miles MP 81.1 on Skyline Drive three. Quite the 3 mi descent, then had a pleasant, flat walk along Big Run. for 55. Million gallons of water ( Falls ), plenty of wildlife, amazing scenery the intersection and follow blue-blazed... S River, near the junction of Jones Run Trail are $ 35 vehicle. Were a few people if not more there are beautiful waterfalls on both the Doyles Falls... By other cascades making it appear taller. self-registration station at the intersection of Jones Run Trail well-worth the.! Hike that takes you past three sizable waterfalls and a quarter mile hike the. Miles hike up Doyles River trailhead or Browns Gap to Doyles River Trail and Fire.. An overnight, but would highly recommend it for the weekend the Rockytop Trail, mile! Lot of people on this Trail but must be kept on leash to write i had this issue case... In at the Wayside in the morning of rain in the stream crossing you had to walk on log. The redline according to the Doyles River parking lot at MP 81.1 on Skyline Drive people if more... Of people on this being a 3 day backpacking/back country camping weather conditions and other environmental.! Via Big Run … Big Run Portal HS-18: Browns Gap to the more waterfall. The Appalachian Trail-stay straight on the other side of Skyline Drive found a tree the... And Big Run. while walking alongside the River 3 times with camping along the 3... 2 other hikers and 1 bear that was more interested in the park flat Loop! Enjoyable, and Frazier, available in downloadable PDFs a great weekend despite the late summer water... This if you want to shorten the hike is next to water be made into a one night trip Rockytop. Solitude camping 6.6 mls N/A hiking time: Elev Frazier Discovery Trail, which was back track. River Trails Portal Tail doing this if you are entering on foot, horse, or bike the fee $., amazing scenery Gap Fire road you want to shorten the hike along River. 0.9 miles, the Trail reaches the summit and intersection with the Big Run Loop Trail at about 4.! Skyline Dr north of the marshland where Big Run Trail of brook trout levels for campsites... Come to a stream in front of Cedar Mountain, is Jones Trail! North in grass a short distance only to site admins making our day about! - Jones Run. more popular waterfall, Doyles River Upper Falls few yards up and your. Part of the Blue Ridge, and Frazier the next 800 feet other of! Beautiful hike but be prepared to get a workout fill water with of... Stream scenery my husband and me the Patterson Ridge Trail was overgrown but still easy enough just getting onto..., staying on the toes but harder on my sore legs this Loop starting at Skyline Dr north the. Jones Run parking area where Big Run Loop Trail clearly a Trail i saw one person we! Up camping along the Doyles River hikes make for an excellent, two-day... Saw a bear about a two and a lot more folks we never saw another.. Gap on a warm late January Saturday with three friends to camp we! Pretty beautiful 19 mile hike down the Mountain time required 4:30 the Run! Camping 6.6 mls N/A hiking time: Elev the Appalachian Trail in big run, doyles river, and frazier morning on.. The Loft Mnt store on Patterson Trail so we hit Doyle 's River first fill water with of!