Words that are shortened versions of other words. Words ending in -ción and -sión *Note the C, and S. ARE ALWAYS FEMININE. Ending Some students gave a … Spelling games using the word list: Words ending in age. Create other lists, that start with or contain letters of your choice. The main goal of hyphenating a term is to prevent confusion on the part of the reader. -age and Sp. Words ending in -dad -tad -tud. There are words with both genders, and the meanings are the same for each gender, e.g. There are 8 six-letter words ending with LACE: ANLACE BELACE ENLACE ... RELACE SOLACE UNLACE. When we see a word ending in -O, it is safe to assume that it is probably a masculine word: el vino, el destino, el libro; Ending in -OR: el amor, el dolor, el pastor (exceptions: la flor y la labor) Ending in - AJE and -AN: el traje, el pan; Numbers and colours: el cinco, el rojo In the models used, total energy and protein intake were fixed. : las personas, una falda, la manzana; Some notable exceptions that end in -a but are masculine are el programa, un sistema, unos mapas, el día, el planeta; Most words ending in -o, -aje and -or are masculine, e.g. In a 16-year follow-up study (ending in 1998) of 3,686 Danish men and women aged 30–71 years at recruitment, the association between energy intake from dietary fat and the risk of coronary heart disease was evaluated while assessing the possible modifying role of gender and age. Here are some examples: el aterrizaje - landing el viaje - trip, journey el porcentaje - percentage el hospedaje - accommodations, lodging el reportaje - report, article el lenguaje - language, vocabulary el reciclaje - recycling el follaje - foliage el paisaje - countryside Javier has written a dissertation about a difficult topic in biology. It hurts me in my soul to see so much poverty. Names of rivers, lakes, and oceans are usually masculine; names of mountains are usually feminine. Found 32 words with the letters AJEWLM. Nouns ending in -o, an accented vowel, -or, or -aje are usually masculine. List all words ending with age sorted by length or by how common the words are. lenguaje: words ending in Eng. Pages in category "Spanish words suffixed with -al". Typically, words ending in -aje, -mento, -miento, -ismo are masculine and those ending in -ción, -sión, -ad, -ancia, -encia, -eza, -ía, -ia, -ura are feminine. 6 Letter Words Ending with aje: 6 Letter Words Ending with aje: 7 Letter Words Ending with aje: 7 Letter Words Ending with aje: List of Words Containing aje: Words Containing aje: List of Anagrams of aje: Anagrams of aje: List of Words Formed by Letters of aje: Words Created From aje: aje … List all words starting with age, words containing age or words ending with age. Translate Aje. For example, la foto (photograph) is feminine because it's short for la fotografía. The modifiers, however, remain feminine in both singular and plural situations. [GO TO … Hyphen (-)-- (punctuation mark) a symbol that joins words that have a … language and Sp. La canción = song; La solución = solution; La televisión = television; La versión = version; HEADS UP! Some hyphenated words are found in the dictionary, but others are simply formed by convention.Here are some guidelines for deciding whether to hyphenate a term that you are using in your writing. Examples: El rubí [the ruby] El tabú [the taboo] Nouns ending in -aje, -ambre, and -or are usually masculine. The articles which accompany a masculine noun are el (definite) / uno (indefinite), while the feminine ones are la (definite) / una (indefinite). There are 7 words ending with JE: BUNJE GADJE GAUJE KOPJE LAPJE NAARTJE & POLJE. This page is designed for these purposes. : un teatro, el coraje, el esplendor arte, corte, frente. Not all words ending in -ma are masculine. Some linguists don’t treat the ending -ón in these words as being an augmentative suffix, and they consider these words as new terms that denote something bigger. 2. many words ending in - is l a cris is (crisis), la dos is (dose), la sintax is (syntaxis), la tes is (thesis) 3 many words ending in - itis ex: la artr itis (arthritis), la apendic itis (appendicitis), la bronqu iti s (bronquitis) Rule 7: Masculine nouns end in a stressed vowel ex: el alma Me duele en el alma ver tanta pobreza. See other lists, starting with or containing letters of your choice. Spanish nouns ending in -aje are almost always masculine in gender. Nouns ending in an accented vowel are usually masculine. As in the case of English, there aren’t that many words that contain the suffix ‑aje in Spanish, either transparently as in the word ramaje or opaquely as in the word garaje.If one looks at words that end in ‑aje in Spanish by looking at the DRAE’s inverse/reverse dictionary, one gets 325 results, all but half a dozen of which can be recognized as having the suffix ‑aje. Find your perfect word for Scrabble or Words with Friends now! Learn this spelling list using the 'Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check' activity. Gerund -- the present participle form of a verb (the form ending in '-ing') used as a noun, like the word running in the sentence "Running is a great form of exercise." H. Helping verb-- see auxiliary verb. Every word on this site is valid scrabble words. However, it can often be inferred from the ending of the word. Start studying Spanish Masculine/Feminine Words Ending in -E. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Every word on this site can be used while playing scrabble. [This entry is an excerpt from Chapter 18, "Eng. Test yourself using the 'Listen and Spell' spelling test. Masculine Endings-aje Also, there are not so many words that end with -aje in Spanish anyways, so it's going to be mostly words that end in -a(e)ndo like "aprendiendo". Words that end in -ista as the equivalent of the English "-ist. Examples: El mensaje [the message] El calor [heat] El hambre [the hunger] Infinitives used as nouns are … List of all 6-letter words ending with sequence LACE. For example: La radio – radiofonía (a radio), la moto – la motocicleta (a motorcycle), la foto – la fotografía (a photo), la mano (a hand)… Also, the words that end in –aje and … The underlying words are feminine, but for phonetic reasons, they take masculine articles. In the section you will find free tools for word search in accordance with this criterion. DAD, TAD, TUD. 5 Letter Words with the letters AJEEDSIT 28. adits 6 aedes 6 aides 6 aside 6 dates 6 deets 6 deist 6 diets 6 ditas 6 dites 6 eased 6 edits 6 ideas 6 jades 13 jetes 12 sated 6 setae 5 sited 6 stade 6 staid 6 stead 6 steed 6 stied 6 tajes 12 tease 5 tides 6 tsade 6 tsadi 6.

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