For now, leave the brown leaves on it (to protect from any future freezes this winter) and be patient in the spring. Hi keri I too have inherited this ficus fig with my new house. Creeping Fig's attractive heart-shaped leaves emerge light green, turning dark green in color throughout the year. If it is provided a vertical space, the Ficus Pumila will grow vertically for 6 or 12 meters, after which it will start spreading horizontally. It can be allowed to hang or trained to climb around a support. Creeping fig, aka Creeping ficus, or Ficus pumilla, is a creeping vine that crawls along structures or walls and is a favorite Florida plant for disguising or softening fences or buildings. Hello! I hope it doesn’t cos I only want it for the wall that is 150ft long and 5ft high. It will quickly grown and fill back in! My question is if I grow flowering climbers on the same fence will the ficus take them over, and will I still be able to control the ficus with the climbers growing on same fence. However, it's worth noting that even very healthy and well-cared-for plants will likely only last a few years in their potsultimately their root structures are designed for aggressive and spreading growth. I saw somewhere that anti graffiti paint (clear coat) keeps creeping ficus from attaching. This is a multi-stemmed evergreen houseplant with a spreading, ground-hugging habit of growth. It has also moved aggressively into the foundation plantings-jasmine, holly, boxwood, etc. The larger the plant, the more care needs to be taken when you are repotting your creeping fig so that it doesn’t damage the structure of the plant. Water creeping fig as the top inch or so of the potting mix dries to the touch. Actually, a hot glue gun probably isn’t the worst idea! The creeping fig needs a specific kind of wasp to germinate its seeds and reproduce, but you can propagate the creeping fig with stem cuttings. I am sorry to hear about your plant! If your climate is like ours be sure you are willing to do the work-unless you have a professional landscape service that will keep it trimmed. It has a new purple growth of about a quarter inch. Planting & Growing Hello! If you can wait until spring to replant your plant, leave the plant in its current pot until then. My suspicion is that the new growth will start lower to the base of the vine rather than the ends. My nursery said it had been poisoned. As a plant lover, I find the Fiddle Leaf Fig to be one of the most fascinating houseplants due to its such unusual leaves. I would probably try to clean out some of the brown leaves. Repotting with a light, fast-draining soil can be done every 2 to 3 years (3). When the soil becomes too dry and the tree does not … Taking care of houseplants is one of my greatest passions. When planting a creeping fig outdoors, there's no need to augment your existing soil. Creeping Fig as a Houseplant. If you see some green, go ahead and leave it. If it gets under wood trim it can force the wood apart. The difference is quick to see. Every 4 or 5 months, whether we like it or not, at our house it is time to spend an hour or so on a Saturday morning trimming the creeping fig along the side of our house. I would go ahead and cut back the long runners to help get things back where you want them. There’s also another common reason why the growth of the plant might stop: the fiddle leaf fig outgrows the pot. My suggestion to you is to remove it from the sides of the house and keep it on only your fence. If your home is very dry during the winter, you may need to provide extra humidity for the plant. If you do decide to hot glue, make sure you use a “cool” hot glue gun (think the cheap, dollar store kind of glue guns) and not a heavy duty gun where the glue is very, very hot. Or maybe burning the tips? I cut all dry branches back and removed all the dead leaves. How is the variate form compared to the green version? However, if you plan to use a larger pot so the plant can grow, don't cut the roots.

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