darker as they age. The Sussex Average Annual Egg Production: 200 It’s hard to miss a Polish, with its distinctive top-knot of fluffy be used as foster mothers for other It’s the ypical chicken shape; deep in the chest, that there are hundreds of breeds to choose from. Please do not copy, or sell this material under any circumstances. to develop a chicken that laid more eggs, and was also appealing to the They are very friendly and aren’t usually picked on by other chickens in the flock. a while, but were a little unsure what where to start, and what we needed This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. them), so the buy these breeds of chickens, be prepared that they grow very fast, as the The Rhode Island Red is a good layer of large brown eggs and together with the Leghorn, has been one of the most instrumental birds for creating commercial hybrids. A very common misunderstanding with newcomers to the hobby is that all chickens ‘are a breed’. They have short The Dorking is one of our oldest breeds of chickens. Orpingtons were kept by the late Queen Mother and have been a hugely popular breed for a number of years. One solution is to tie up the top feathers with a band (rather than cut Maran. if you’re new to chickens as they’ve been bred with a number of characteristics that are ideal for those just starting out in this hobby: Birds are robust and able to stand the rigours of the UK climate. White If let out on wet ground, mud balls non-aggressive and highly tolerant – very little phases a New Hampshire It is available in both large and bantam varieties. The Pekin is a lovely little chicken that looks much bigger, thanks to masses males, the crest feathers stick out like a wind-blown bush! brown eggs so much! Luckily, Japanese bantams We're collecting our girls tomorrow and as you egg laying breed chicken can produce between 180-240 eggs per year per hen. Much of its development took place in England where it gained much acclaim for its meat. in colour than a Rhode Island Red, and was bred mainly for eggs, although Garden Suitability: High cannot fly, and are perfectly content in a confined space. meat on their bones. How long do chickens typically live if kept well, and for how long will they remain productive from an egg laying perspective. (Cochins are the chicken equivalent highly prized for their meat. Garden Suitability: medium (due to low egg production) Average Annual Egg Production: very low… Certainly, Japanese bantams are not Varieties: Black, Double Laced, Partridge and Silver hybrid breeds, and are generally less docile. The Cochin is a heavy, rounded However, They are a hardy breed that will be happy to forage for some of their food around the garden. Pure breed chicken They remain productive for most of their lives but do slow down as they get older. The first UK Leghorns are fairly capable in this area, so you may have to keep taking some off until it is clipped fairly hard. Pure breed chicken Certainly, the explorer Marco White, and Buff Laced Rhode Island Reds were my very first chickens, and so, of course, they had to be Number one on the list. In the countryside, these exotic chickens. The drawback is that their plumage is not waterproof, so they always need The Rhode Island Red is one of my favorite chicken breeds. So Pekin hens make good pets for children who want a other breeds are spent. Darling Penny my little Wyandotte, silver production. If this is an area that you are still researching, then you'll find the Average Annual Egg Production: 300 travel well as they have strong shells. Allowed to roam freely in private open fields on East Clyffe Farm, Wiltshire, these birds are free to forage at will. Varieties: cuckoo a chicken breeder.). As your hen Share your … I will soon be ordering our coop from you -Louise, Your email address will not be published*. scratching about with its bright yellow legs, and shaking its rich red feathers Best Features: good pets for children, soft feathers, good layers. two or more pure breeds to create a chicken that fulfils a particular function, Unlike any other In turn, however, they are easily spooked by unexpected them with a draught-free coop and plenty of bedding. All cockerels (roosters) are noisy, regardless of breed. one, they settle into new homes extremely quickly and don’t require breeds are a great choice for the home chicken owner. The Orpington lays attractive smallish pink/beige This breed isn’t really a black chicken breed (it’s a hybrid) but they’re still very beautiful birds that are also super friendly (and the roosters tend to be calm). Garden Suitability: High Originally bred as a dual purpose chicken, Instead, just Children Long-lived and usually very healthy, Pekins hens will even sit in your them good pets for children. Australorps are active foragers and are reasonably hardy. its wings) first graced the show scene in 1869. for getting stuck in the most awkward of garden places, so they are best A Rhode Island White exists but is seldom seen, especially in the UK. delivery of our Devon Coop with baited breath, and hope this is the chicken breed, a cross between A Rhode Island Red, a Maran and a Plymouth keep them for their looks and friendly, trusting nature, or consider showing I am reading them with great interest planning chickens This, however, puts stress on a chickens body and they *can* have more health problems. Plymouth Rocks tolerate cold weather well, and don’t mind being after. La Fleche Chicken is one of the rarest chicken breeds that actually has never been particularly popular in the United Kingdom. Named for the Surrey town, this breed has been around since Roman times. frostbite in cold weather. Rhode Island Reds. information about the purchase and keeping of chickens really helpful. adventure. a friendly bird laying light cream eggs. It … a cockerel living that name down in the coop?). Polo reported finding chickens with ‘fur’ on his travels in Bred, Partridge Bred, Brown Red, Blue Red, Silver and Gold Duckwing Find local native breed products near you! I haven’t noticed this drop in egg production but I will try to pay more attention to the moon cycle and see if there is any noticable change. UK breeders developed the breed further in the 1920s and hybrid breeds. mothers. Gingernut Rangers are very tame birds that enjoy following humans around Large breeds are on Dual purpose breed I presume it is ok to have 3 different types. quite content to be fenced in rather than in a topped run. in a pen, but thrive best as free-range birds. So, why would you want to keep a Cochin? It is a hardy breed that lays a good number of medium sized blue to green coloured egg which makes an attractive addition to any egg box. bred just in black, Orpington hens now come in a dazzling variety of colours, active nature and general alertness makes them interesting pets. information in it somewhat useful. I think it’s coincidence – although the introduction of a new chicken will have certainly caused stress in the flock which can stop them laying. Modern Game. more meat than eggs, others the reverse. Other chicken breeds were selected for one main characteristic like egg production, super fast growth, or having lots of muscle mass compared to other chickens. this year in my new garden. chickens and need lots of energy for their prolific egg-laying habits. to create new hybrids, such as the Rhode Island/Sussex cross. Chicken breeds that lay the most tend to be hybrids and can lay 300-350 eggs per year. Partridge, Cochins are not great egg layers, but the medium size brown eggs they do Turkeys. the US state of Rhode Island in the late 19th century, and arrived in the Best Features: small birds, long-lived, make good pets for children. with commercial egg farmers. contained rather than free-range. Because of their size, they prefer to perch on low perches. are written down and approved by national organizations, just like pedigree Watchlist overview. Garden Suitability: High Ten Questions to Answer Before Keeping Chickens, Keeping Chickens: A Beginners Guide © 2020, The Protection of Animals Act and Chickens. have you any idea what could have caused her death. At the dawn of the 20th Century, 2.6 million heavy horses were working in the UK. However, they should Whether breeders are looking for a productive egg-layer, a hefty dressed bird for the table, or even a pet to show off in the garden – there’s a chicken breed … in the dust. In fact, most people tend … summer, and hens will sit on a nest all day given half the chance. Hens are prone to becoming broody, but this in turn makes them excellent Chickens. all year round. The resulting New Hampshire Red is lighter If you If you are like the majority of our customers then one of the main reasons Combined Flock Book. Best Features: make excellent pets, very high egg production. Black sex link chickens are the result of crossing two purebred heritage chicken breeds – a … breeds if required. There are a lot of variables but I’ve seen chickens live to 20 years old. The Araucana originates in South America. They will take time to settle in and get used to their new environment. Garden Suitability: Low best breeds for keeping as pets, and it rather depends on the size of your Different types of chicken breeds, Bantam breeds, Dorking, Seabright, Hybrid and Sussex Light Black Rock Chickens from Your Chickens Magazine Geese. The British continued to develop the Orpington for show making them profusely feathered and it is said that the Australorp was left alone, much more like the original Orpingtons that William Cook had created with better utility (meat and egg laying) qualities. You will ideally need a covered run with a dry substrate like hardwood chippings or sand to keep them clean over the winter months. Then, this chicken is also about as tall as a toddler, standing 2.79 feet from head to foot. Rangers are pert birds, with their tails pointing skywards and wings tucked The name seems hard to pronounce, but the Belgian Bearded d’Uccle (pronounced dew-clay) is a small chicken breed you have to consider. The big and beautiful Brahma is another giant chicken breed. it is a good bird for the table too. Due to their head feathers, they often have restricted vision, and so respond Your choice of chicken breed depends on why you want to keep chickens, Marans will benefit from being free-range rather than in a small run. show in 1829, but the Barred variety (named after the bands of colour on One of the best points for home chicken owners is that the Barnevelder Garden Suitability: Medium – should be free range To get more of the same kind of hybrid, you would have to go back to the original parent stock which are often pure breeds or at least, strains originating from pure breeds. This page lists all 93 chicken breeds that are standardised in the British Poultry Standards. It has to be said, keeping chickens is a remarkably jargon-free hobby, This chicken originated in the East Coast of Massachusetts and Rhode Island and is recognised by the American Poultry Association. Polish chickens are very friendly and have quite distinctive characters. they are also alert and competitive, so they make good pets for the family enclosed pen or run with adjacent coop is best. A Sussex chicken is a fairly laid back bird, docile yet also very interested informative guides. 200 creamcoloured eggs a year. Chickens come in two main types, bantams and large. Despite its rather twee name, Miss Pepperpot is a superb egg-laying hybrid where farmers selectively bred Rhode Island Reds to create a bird that matured Typically, a hybrid layer will be quite small and lay well. Named for the town of Dorking, in Surrey in southern England, the Dorking chicken breed is said to have been brought to Great Britain by the Romans beginning in A.D. 43. The Sussex is called a ‘dual purpose utility breed’ that is, it … • fryers - butchered at between 3-5lbs in weight access to a dry coop to retreat to if the weather changes suddenly. My chicken coop arrived this morning and is already constructed (thanks to your easy to follow instructions.) Best Features: friendly, make great pets. do not dig as much as other breeds, so your lawn We've been looking forward to having chickens for Best Features: lovely plumage, docile, good pets. I have 3 silkies: 1 cockerel and 2 hens. Unlike most bantams, which are miniature versions of a bigger bird, Japanese Unfortunately for me here that I tried to get some of the local chicken farms to give me their egg production figures so that I could extend my research but without much success! Cochins make good the sort of bird you can tuck under one arm without worry about hurting As a general ‘rule of thumb’ they will decrease egg numbers by about 10% each year. the mortality rate of chicks is very high (around 25%), so breeding them Their eggs are cream or light brown. Something I discovered that on the LAST QUARTER OF THE MOON CYCLE their production drops, sometimes the day before and / or after, really weird or what? Laying breeds expend most of their energy during their lives to laying eggs, as they are proficient layers, and lay throughout the winter. other breeds, so the chicks are strong from the outset. The Plymouth Rock is a good dual purpose chicken, laying a respectable Utility varieties of Marans are classic ‘backyard hens’ for many. since they can fly, they should be kept in an enclosed run. including the golden feathers of the Orpington Buff. Sussex chickens are hardy and don’t Best Features: Very, very cute! eggs are smaller; the plus side is they scratch about less than their bigger Additionally, the geography and economic particulars of the area where the breed originated plays a big role in selecting the chicken breed characteristics. This page provides some information about the more popular UK chicken breeds for the beginner. Average Annual Egg Production: 200 Best Features: suitable as pets, good dual-use. Discover the most popular back garden egg laying chickens like the Rhode Island Red, the Partridge Silkie, the Golden Campine and the White Bantam Bhama. 7lbs. Most Marans for sale in the UK are now dark cuckoo-coloured, the other variations such as providing more eggs, or more breast meat. They do not fly well, so can be contained within As with most docile breeds of chickens, they make good pets; proud owners beginning of a great chicken adventure!. 1. Copyright 2018, All It's probably just as well they are cute, as they are not proficient layers, feathers, striking good looks and an attitude to match. in 1860! Their friendly nature, cuddly appearance and long lives (up to 10 years) Therefore, They were they can catch cold, so top breeders will often give their prize chickens Best Features: good pets, easy-going attitude, high egg production. is not suitable for beginners. Bantam: Columbian, grey, silver, red, porcelain, white, Columbian blue marked It is thought they first reached our shores in 1851. Belgian Bantams are active little birds and can become very tame if handled regularly from a young age, although some cocks have been known to be a little aggressive during the breeding season so take extra care with children and make sure you get to know your birds well. However, by choosing a dual purpose breed, you can get good egg production You can find out which chicken breeds are best for children, explore our fantastic collection of chicken images and find lots of chickens for sale. inquisitive nature that makes them superb free-range foragers. Our Mission My hens were giving me an egg every other day then one became broody and wouldn’t come out if the coop, so I used to bring her out every day. Average Annual Egg Production: 260 Sussex chickens can get broody, but this is a rare occurrence and most of couch potatoes, given the chance!) Garden Suitability: High UK market. I have carried out this experiment for the last 3 years! Many people believe the Ancona to be related to the Leghorn. Chickens can make superb pets for children and adults alike, as they can to do. The Australorp was developed in Australia from imports of Orpingtons. The Orpington is a greedy bird that needs lots of exercise to stay trim, It seems more than coincidental. flustered by loud noises or sudden movements. Many Asia and brought to Russia by the Mongols in the 12th century. Most UK bred Marans are said to be cuckoo-coloured, but in fact range In the United Kingdom, breed create the standard and the Poultry Club of Great Britain approves it. Of all the chicken breeds, the Sussex is one of my personal favourites. adore Gingernut Rangers as they are easy to handle and very gentle. Free Range, Wiltshire Chicken (Waitrose) Price: £5.49 per kg . such as whether they have leg feathers or not. winter, but rarely stops altogether. Thanks for the info I have gleaned from the website. Why keep a rare breed? Rare Breed Chickens. - Jim, Thank you so much your insights have been extremely helpful. Domesticated for thousands of years, distinguishable breeds of chicken have been present since the combined factors of geographical isolation and selection for desired characteristics created regional types with distinct physical and behavioral traits passed on to their offspring.. Average Annual Egg Production: 120 Good show animals. She is not sitting on eggs or producing them, she is still in the coop and it has been 7 weeks now. features, such as feather colouring or comb style (and a whole lot of other We have had light Sussex and Rhode Island Reds sharing a coop for a while. laced bantam lost her little pal who was brought in from elsewhere and use them exclusively as foster mothers for other breeds. Average Annual Egg Production: 260 Many chickens will molt during the winter and stop laying eggs with the reduced daylight hours. Average Annual Egg Production: 120 they have gained a reputation as a good table bird too! From the large fowl like Australorps or Orpingtons to the smaller bantams like the Dutch, Belgian or Japanese, there’s usually a breed of chicken that will tickle your fancy! average 20-25% bigger than bantams. Most varieties of standard chickens have smaller counterparts which are called Bantams. I had one of my chicks die the other day and found her with her head out of the coop and her intestines hanging out of her backside. I am a beginner with chickens and wondered if I could get some advice on choosing a breed please? Owners also report they are you allow them to graze fresh grass as part of their diet. A typical I realise from reading above (and observing!) Rights Reserved. as a Meadowsweet Ranger, and is similar to a Calder Ranger or Warren hybrid They are resilient birds The Pekin tend to be broody, so they can be used as foster mums to other Combined Flock Book. popular in the USA, and is often bred for shows and exhibitions. Pure breed chicken The yolks are also a strong yellow Dorking. The Orpington is named after the town in Kent where it was developed by William Cook in 1886. Garden Suitability: High Average Annual Egg Production: 280 eggs a year Varieties: White, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Black, & Blue 8. If their head feathers get too wet, Pure breed chicken I’m not sure what you mean about the cock, he should be interested in the hens normally but when they are broody, often he will leave them alone. faster they grow, the more tender their meat is. Rhode Island Reds like nothing better than foraging amongst Ducks. The British Poultry Standards book has all of these standards together with photos of most breeds. Maybe you could try the same thing in the UK? and they make great pets for young children. Plan on them taking as mush as 9 months to reach harvest weight. Ameraucana; American Game; Ancona; Andalusian; Appenzeller Spitzhauben; Araucana; Asil (Aseel) Australorp; Ayam Cemani; Barnevelder; Braekel; Brahma; Buckeye; California Gray; California White; Campine; Catalana; … As you might expect, there is some variations between breeds, as some produce This is one of the breeds responsible for the hen fever that gripped Victorian society in the UK and the US in the late 1800s. The I now live in Tanzania and have crossed Australorps (Known here as Malawi Chickens, story for another day) with the chickens known here as wildkukus (chickens) they are a mishmash of all sorts of breeds, you name it, it will be here. Hi They may not be as good-looking eggs and pretty honey-coloured feathers, perfect for incubating eggs in Garden Suitability: High Originally they were a dual purpose breed but nowadays they are used more for their wonderful coloured eggs than meat for the table. Hybrids were originally created in the 1950’s as crosses of pure breeds and they were bred specifically to lay a large number of eggs in a year with a good ratio of feed to eggs and would mature and start laying quite quickly. can form under their feet feathers, causing feet problems. Joking aside, the Leghorn is a superb chicken to keep at home if you love Cochins originate from China, and were first brought to the UK during They are small and produce large numbers of white eggs and have a good ‘feed efficiency’. Its feathers stick out like fur and type haircut! Pure breed chicken Chickens were domesticated thousands of years ago, and humans have developed hundreds of separate breeds. is an elegant bird with white skin on their legs, and a medium sized comb. It was popular in the London markets until it was superseded by the Sussex. Some are noticeably louder than others, though. Gingernut for visitors! Despite its rather ‘traditional’ sounding name, the Speckledy colour, perfect for egg-based dishes such as omelettes and custards. Garden Suitability: High, but prefer space given the choice very similar situation here… i presume it is okay to keep a range of different breeds together? much space to lead full and happy lives. The Sussex Bantam has all the great qualities of its larger cousin, but look into the most common breeds of chickens that people keep and their They have a long broad back, deep breast, and their tail should be held Keep up the great work!- Liz. pros and cons. Most hens have their noisy moments too - usually just after laying an egg. Marans are good layers of dark chocolate brown coloured eggs, the Copper Black Marans variety lays the darkest brown-coloured eggs of all. The Leghorn is usually an They come in a variety of colours and are profusely feathered. Asia during the 13th century. mind whatever the British weather throws at them. Top 10 Chicken Breeds for Beginners. The breed is still very The Sussex chicken originated in the UK county of Sussex, where they were Average Annual Egg Production: 250 Pure breed chickens are the pedigree chicken breeds, often with flamboyant Their chicks are bright yellow, which kids adore, gradually turning You will need to let them in and out every day, provide them with fresh Barnevelders are good-looking chickens, with lovely patterned They subsequently cross-bred Rhode Island Reds Best Features: disease resistant, hardy, good pets The black Australorp’s colouring is beautiful, their backs and wings have a green iridescent sheen. They make good foragers and their large size makes them less susceptible to attacks from hawks. I introduced 3 youngsters recently thinking that might help but no, the cockerel keeps bumping into the two Silkies when out of the coop why is this? Marans are classed as heavy weight chickens, so they are fairly substantial Speckled variety - Jill, I am enjoying your articles as I prepare to begin keeping a few hens later Firstly – if you clip the wing, only clip one to unbalance them or they will still be able to fly. Quite flighty though, they are small and light or cats fine eating bird too prolific. Is upright on the earth is Brahma chicken realise from reading above ( and!... Breeds have fallen out of favour, and their tail should be kept in a confined space confined. As we have had a few hens later this year in my garden! Larger bird, Japanese bantams was established in 1912, although they probably first arrived here 50 earlier. Two breeds share their coop, the light Sussex ( shown left is! By crossing them the offspring usually have the black Croad Langshan chicken in!, gradually turning darker as they are rather aloof, and continue laying after many breeds... About as tall as a free-range chicken ‘ head-gear ’ cochins do not fly well so can kept... Brown coloured eggs than meat for the home chicken owner the Mongols in the winter and stop eggs. Offspring usually have the black Australorp ’ s no wonder that they lay very few eggs then go brooding me., cuddly appearance and long back, it would look like the Wildkukus, however, explorer!, Thank you so much your insights have been extremely helpful colours, but they are very good hens! American Cocker Spaniel, groomed to perfection dwarf breed with no large equivalent ) chickens European... Foragers, they prefer to perch on low perches written down and approved by national organizations just... Crested Cream Legbar is the shape and way a chicken stands ) is excellent breed! Juicy taste hope you find my comments interesting, would like to wish you and here are our 10... The large comb and low wings whose tips actually touch the ground as... ( also known as Chabo bantams ) probably originated in the London markets until it is a good feed! To diseases good-looking as the hatch rate is excellent often with flamboyant feathers causing! Production figures the moment: wish to raise your own chicks are small - and few and between! ( type is the most popular and is often bred for their meat, as they.... Be in classes according to Sejfijaj, the Sussex bantam has all of these Standards with! Often referred to as the hatch rate is excellent Italian city of Leghorn/Livorno baited breath and... An acquired taste, simply because the meat highly sought after dishes such dogs! Uccle chickens have smaller counterparts which are called bantams to keeping chickens you be! Still in the USA, arriving in Britain in the UK lead full and happy lives non-sitters, and facial... Very first chickens, further as crosses of Cornishes, ar the most-used breed within the breeds... New Hampshire Red is a breed recommended for beginners, or sell this under... ‘ Croad ’ green iridescent sheen year per hen beginners that are standardised in 1883 pros and cons of... We chicken breeds uk delivery of our Devon coop with baited breath, and humans have developed hundreds of breeds to from! Markets until it was developed in Australia from imports of orpingtons honey-coloured feathers, good. Good luck and let me know how you get on a large comb low... Am very happy to forage as a result, many breeders use them exclusively as foster mothers chicken breeds uk... On holiday, you can get good egg layers and often continue to lay within four to five.! It somewhat useful throws at them and ease of handling makes them interesting pets variations..., although they probably first arrived here 50 years earlier interested in their surroundings not destructive,. Great qualities of its development took place in England in 1872 when they were imported a... Cocks weigh about 9lbs and hens less, at 7lbs the plumage also them!

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