Save. Pink Dragon Details Add to box. This will take about 2-3 minutes and Pour it into a smoothie bowl. 3. Top view smoothie bowl with oats Premium Photo 6 months ago. Top it off with a pinch of cinnamon and serve immediately. Gingerbread Jingle Details Add to box. To celebrate I’m bringing you something a bit different today. Add in the yogurt and fruit. Skip the ice. Mango-Banana Smoothie Bowl With Crunchy Quinoa Granola: A sunny blend of tropical fruit is a surefire way to brighten up your morning routine, and the finishing sprinkle of seedy (in the best way) quinoa granola adds just the right amount of crunch. Strawberry Oatmeal breakfast Smoothie Bowl. Fresh blueberries with green leaves in a wooden bowl on a blueberries background, close-up. Cooking Time 5-8 minutes. That’s right — whole rolled oats, just like the kind you’d eat for breakfast. Morning Mocha Details Add to box. Fruits salad of melon, watermelon, blueberry in coconut bowl on pink. ), you can cook the blueberries with the oatmeal on the stove… This recipe blends raw instant oats with frozen (or fresh) blueberries to achieve the consistency of a smoothie; make it frozen, or even into a nice cream, if you have a powerful blender. Add some crunch. No votes yet. With vegan and gluten-free ingredients like oats, dates, cinnamon, and nutmeg, this is a … Collect. This is the short list of healthy smoothie ingredients you’ll need to make this smoothie. Vegan. Green Overnight Oats Green Smoothie in a bowl. Like. Acai Smoothie Bowl. See more ideas about Overnight oats, Oat smoothie, Smoothie bowl. So, I could start my day with something pink today with this healthy Strawberry Oatmeal breakfast Smoothie Bowl. Out of the glass and into the bowl, the thick smoothie base, flavored with apples, oats and spices, is consumed using a spoon rather than a straw. 3. Acai and Oat Smoothie Bowl. boykoimages. 1. Warm spices and seasonal ingredients will cozy-up your morning smoothies so you can keep that healthy habit going all year long. HOW TO GARNISH SMOOTHIE BOWL: 1. Garnish this smoothie bowl with crunchy chia seeds, oats, and blueberry relish. You may also like. With 2g of fiber and 4g of protein per serving, oat milk also contains B vitamins, magnesium, zinc, copper and other essential micronutrients. Overnight Oats! This Banana Oat Smoothie is a satisfyingly easy breakfast that you can take on the go. 2. For interactive spoon-feeding. Bowl of fruit smoothie, nuts and banana, top view. serves for. Greek yogurt, oats and avocado bulk up smoothies, too. But what if you could combine these ingredients into something that has the sweetness of ice cream and the varied texture of a pie? Oat milk’s thicker consistency and slightly sweet flavor make it the perfect pairing for smoothie bowls. Blend all the smoothie ingredients in a blender or food processor until it is a lump-free and smooth consistency. Oat Berry Smoothie Bowl is a wholesome filling and satisfying breakfast that is loaded with fresh berries, chia seeds, oats, and pumpkin seeds. Think about it this way: A bowl of oats topped with your favorite fruit or nuts makes a seriously satisfying and nourishing start to the day. 1. A spoonable, smooth organic apple and strawberry purée gently blended with oats and rice for a wholesome start to the day. And below, you’ll even find a recipe that calls for amaranth, a whole grain originally cultivated by the Aztec civilization. Save. 1. 3. The best part of a smoothie or smoothie bowl is this toppings, wouldn’t you agree? Try your own smoothie (or other oat) bowl (recipes for entry must be between 2 and 5 ingredients) for a chance to inspire the next Quaker® Oatmeal flavor and enter to win $250,000 in the Quaker® Oats national sweepstakes. Packed with various nutrients, this smoothie bowl can easily fuel an entire morning. Carefully blend everything together and make … The addition of old fashioned oats helps to make it more hearty and keep you fuller for longer. Warm Maple Oat Nut Smoothie (How To Winterize Your Smoothie Habit) ~ while you’re shopping for that perfect transitional cardigan, don’t forget about getting your breakfast routine ready for fall and winter, too. 4. Substitutions included to make this banana oatmeal smoothie dairy-free and vegan. Hazy Coco Details Add to box. Like. I make it often, so I always keep a stash of frozen berries and frozen bananas in the freezer.. Vegan milk (I use an almond coconut milk blend by Califia found in the refrigerated section at markets); Rolled oats (don’t use instant) The thick bowl of pretty pink smoothie is healthy, gently sweet and full of tangy berry flavour with a hint of vanilla.. 2. Print Recipe. 20 March, 2018. Pink is my favorite color and I love pink in food too. Collect. Who likes watery smoothies? Jun 6, 2020 - Explore Christie Pajimola's board "Overnight Oats/smoothie bowls", followed by 704 people on Pinterest. 2. 1. February 2, 2017 By Priya Shiva 4 Comments. Add frozen berries and banana to a blender blend until fairly smooth. Cooking Time 5 minutes. Same serie. Not me! 5. While shopping at Target, I came across the Quaker® Oats display on the end of an aisle, with everything to make the perfect smoothie bowl! Happy Valentines Day! So thick and creamy it's like an oatmeal shake for breakfast! Not a fan of bananas? Well, oats can do the same thing for your smoothie. If you’ve never heard of overnight oats… Organic Apple, Strawberry & Oats Smoothie Bowl CLICK TO BUY. Well, you can – and this smoothie bowl recipe does just that. Smoothie bowl with Kale, Fruits and Oats . The thought of eating a bowl of oatmeal or cup of blueberries isn’t that appealing to most folks. I think this is because contrasting textures reminds me of loaded ice creams with cookies (soft chew), toffee (hard crunch), or cookie dough (chewy) inside! This apple pie smoothie bowl is sweet, refreshing, and so easy to make. Add in the milk and the chia seeds. Same serie. Skill Level Easy. How to make a smoothie bowl in 3 easy steps. Dietary Consideration. Geesh has it been hot! Banana Oats Smoothie Ingredients ¼ cup rolled oats ½ cup yogurt 1 banana, cut into thirds ½ cup milk 2 tbsp honey (optional) ½ tsp ground cinnamon Instructions In a blender, combine all the ingredients and blend until smooth. To make your smoothie icy cold sans ice, use frozen fruit and vegetables and cold milk straight from the fridge. Tropical Smoothie. Add the milk and nut butter and blend on low again until fully mixed in Serves 2. Coconut flakes, organic oats, clean, store-bought or homemade granola, and various nuts and seeds or nut and seed butters are all great choices for a healthy smoothie bowl. My ideal breakfast bowl (usually with a creamy base like yogurt, oatmeal or a smoothie) has to have a good crunchy ingredient on top. flat lay of an acai bowl with cereals, cashews and hazelnuts on vintage rustic table. user14908974. Finally adorn this with edible flowers. Purée the mixture for about 20 seconds. 2. total time. Hint of Mint Details Add to box. You may also like. Rate. Certified organic. We spent some time this weekend by the pool trying to keep cool and relaxing. OATMEAL SMOOTHIE RECIPE. You can cook the oatmeal and then add the blueberries on top, you can bake the blueberry oatmeal in the oven (yes, that is a thing! Blend the oats in a blender, until they make a finely ground powder. Holy Moly the summer heat came in like a lion here in Cincinnati. No added sugar or salt. Best Sellers Smoothies Oats Smoothie Bowls Supermeals Falafel Pops. This tasty vegan breakfast tastes almost like dessert. I've added oats to the smoothie to make it thicker and more suitable for eating in a bowl with a spoon. Strawberry Zen Details Add to box. I’m glad that it is the season for strawberries. Morning Mocha Details Add to box. Strawberry and milk or yogurt smoothies in a beautiful red glass jar and sprigs of mint on a white concrete table. Top view smoothie bowl with oats Free Photo 3 months ago. (via The Chalkboard) Toppings are scattered over the surface of the bowl, providing contrasting flavors and textures. A fruit and grain breakfast purée for early risers. A delicious recipe of smoothie bowl with kale, apple, kiwi, srawberries, peach and blueberries, topped with oats and mint leaves.