Especially will a tarp work with other brand hammocks. A 9×9 tarp on a diagonal is closer to 13 feet, which is more reasonable. Tips to set up a hammock the right way and sleep like a bear, even in the rain or cold weather. You may need to adjust your ridge line length….. with a thirty degree angle and a diagonal lay, your ridge line should be taunt …. But as temperatures drop below 70°F (21°C), you’ll start to feel the effects of convective heat loss known as Cold Butt Syndrome (CBS). The supports, usually trees have to be around 10 feet apart and should be strong enough to hold your weight. I have an ENO Doublenest. And it assumes a standard size hammock, occupant, and lay angle. After all, I might not like it out in the woods. The 30-degree hang is a basic starting point. Help. They are less fussy. Thanks Derek. This is one of the best hammock camping tips to remember when you’re first getting it set up. Nic, what hammock do you have? Now, there are 3 options you can go with — hammock hanging hardware, hammock straps, or rope, so let’s quickly take a look at each option. (bottom line, keep the thirty degrees and adjust everything else to fit) Derek … If you disagree, please jump in here. I’m sure I would benefit from a longer hammock but I really don’t have the money to buy a nice long one so I’m kinda stuck with it for now. I need a good tip for achieving the 30-degree angle on the suspension lines. I’m partial to the amsteel whoopie slings. That will give you shelter while you rig your hammock. I Rock Climb, Hike, and Camp quite a bit during the summer, being that i live in Sacramento everything is just a few hours away. The laws of physics still apply to a hammock with a structural ridge line, so you increase the tension force as you lower the hang angle. I was looking at buying some nylon webbing straps and use them and the carabiner that comes with the Skeeter Beeter what do you think would be the best for someone of my size. The super-duper method (not recommended if you have surpassed your personal prime). The fabric weight makes a difference. I'm looking for something 50$ or less (unless someone can convince me that I should invest in a more expensive one ;D) because I'm probably going to have to give up hammock sleeping when I move into a college dorm this upcoming august. The nice thing about the Hennessy, or other models with structural ridge lines, is that you can pitch it tight and the hammock lay isn’t compromised. 2. The last piece of hammock camping gear we’ll talk about setting up is your hammock bug net. A lot of beginners are frustrated with this issue, but fear not, as you can always invest in a bug net to keep these annoying guests away. In keeping with Leave No Trace ethics, set up your hammock at least 200’ from any water source. What you’re attempting to do is get a diagonal lay, which improves the flat lay and the ergonomics on your back while eliminating spine and shoulder squeeze. too expensive, so I made my own. You could use a continuous ridgeline and then attach the tarp. and highly informative, would recommend this site. It seems I can’t get it right. I’ve checked all of these typical things…. Buy best hammock camping clothes, hiking gear at Shaped ends, both concave and convex, even different whipping or gathering styles. In this example, we focus on basics, but in my book I describe these more complex scenarios to reduce or eliminate water seeping. In my second book, I explain in more detail in the section on Advanced Hammock Camping how to calculate some of those variations. So you’re saying that an 8×10 will be adequate only if pitched on the corners? . Most hammock tarps are between 11 and 12 feet ridge lines, so I think you would be okay with a 9×9, unless you want to pitch it as a rectangle, then the 12×12 is better. 2. Can you get a flat lay with an underquilt? if you are inside, a plastic toy your kids placed underneath you while you slept, and if you are outside, a hard poky root or a rock you did not remove before entering the hammock). 3. A lot of folks who start with a Hennessy end up getting other hammocks for family and friends that are less feature rich, but if they are accustomed to pitching things tight, the end up having problems. I mean, it seams to just be an eyeball, guesstimate kind of thing. But it’s not as simple as that since you need a way to get the side pull outs in place and anchored. Hmmm…the first thing that I notice you are doing wrong is trying to get out. Yes, I’ve read all about the loss if insulation properties when these things are compressed but I had to learn it myself as part of this “process”. But to your question, one simple way to measure is to use the thumb-finger method. I’m not the Knots will easily slip off with those materials. In this week's field tips, Clay Hayes shows how to put up a hammock and DST tarp from SeekOutside. Are these hammocks too small or do you generally lay with your feet out in a top quilt foot box? 1. First, you reduce the strain on all the components (a nice safety feature) and lower the tensile force against the anchor points. I’ve heard mixed thoughts on para. It’s not traditional, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t comfortable for some folks. Last night was miserable with too much sag. I put a pad in hammock, it slides around, I put sleeping bag in hammock, it bunches up in the middle. If you use a pad or under quilt there is no worry of bite through. are a problem, you’ll want bug netting to protect you. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. An under quilt will cover all or most of you, depending on the length of the quilt. I want to start spending some time outdoors. To be accurate, do you have any tips, suggestions on how to get to 30%. Choose an appropriate spot to set up your hammock. All hammocks will sag once weight is applied, but this is what you see as the force is being applied. One to 1.5 in (2.5 to 3.8 cm) polyester or polypropylene webbing straps help disperse the weight and reduce damage to trees or other objects. Purpose-built “under quilts” are another popular option for keeping you warm underneath. Note: If it is raining, it's a good idea to set up a tarp first! Try that with a tent and see how far you get. Peek out of the cocoon and look for any painful objects (e.g. Required fields are marked *. ©  2020 The Ultimate Hang. One of my favorite is the Toggle Rope from Ship in a Bottle. Thanks for the suggestion! What would you recommend using to sag it? New to hammock camping and have yet to read your book – but I will! Got suggestions? String your hammock with room to sag. Nearly half of surveyed campers say the reason they became interested in camping is because they love being in the outdoors — and there is no better way to truly experience everything the outdoors has to offer than from the comfort of a hammock. Email me directly and we can chat about specifics that may be better suited for you. A lightweight 1.0 or 1.5 fabric will stretch more than a 2.0 oz fabric. To get a comfortable night’s sleep when you’re camping, it’s a good idea to invest in the best camping hammock you can find.. Let’s take a look at what you should look for in a hammock and 10 of the best hammocks available. Now I own four ENO double nest hammocks and routinely take my son and his friends to teach them how to use a hammock instead of a tent. When flying bugs (mosquitos, moths, midges, biting flies, etc.) Is this recommended for other gathered end hammocks? Also note that an empty hammock tends to sag with a catenary curve that if measured, will be different (more obtuse) than if the hammock is pulled taut and is measured with straight line angles. I am 6’1″ & 145Kg and was wondering if you think the suspension kit that comes with the hammock will support me? The Active Roots camping hammock includes the full suspension system and is easy to set up and take down, it normally takes me about three minutes and is one of the best value hammocks on the market. It helps show how to get the right hang angle until it becomes intuitive. These hammocks are notoriously tippy, due to their high center of gravity and tight pitch. Yet many people I speak with think hammocks are “uncomfortable,” or it will hurt their back,” or  “they’re great for summer lounging only,” or “it’s too easy to fall out.” A lot of these misconceptions come from the modern rope hammocks with their spreader bars and large woven nets. Here’s an article I found about making a whoopsie sling: It’s not a perfect system because you do have a lot of material under you that can bunch up. Polyester and polypropylene are also low-stretch, so you won’t sag during the night (avoid nylon straps, which stretch). We all know and agree that 30% seems to be about right. Check out my video on drip lines for more information. This is why under quilts are so much beloved. Togetherness-One of the big reasons that people want to sleep together when they are camping is to have that sense of togetherness. This is an extremely effective and comfortable option for staying warm. Wow, this post is tight! That sag is what you get if you didn’t have the ridge line and you pitched it at 30-degrees. This is plenty of coverage for a 10 ft (3 m) Brazilian hammock. However, after reading your book multiple times, spending time on this website, and practicing different techniques, I am still struggling with the perfect sag and the 30 degree angle. 10 oz. To put it simply, hammock camping is when a camper sleeps in a single piece of cloth, called a hammock, suspended on more than one support. Phil, What am I doing wrong? This has had catastrophic effect in some cases where ridge lines have snapped under the load. I recently bought a Nube shelter with Pares hammock. You should always use webbing around a tree for multiple reasons, including protecting the tree bark. 8. Pitching a hammock too tight between anchor points puts an enormous amount of force on the suspension lines and hammock, leading to potential failure (and discomfort). Check out my hammock calculator to play with the numbers. It seems I lay the way Warbonnet recommends, my head would be closer and a little more center(still off to the side though) to the head end of the hammock while my feet would me much closer to the middle of the hammock and very much off to the side. You are correct that the ridge line on the Hennessy maintains an ideal sag for the hammock. I think it’s time to get your book and study what you have to say there. . I like these because they have a ton of adjustability and use beyond hammock straps. Tough call. Some seasoned hammock campers choose to stay warm with top quilts and under quilts for your setup. Would a 10×10 be excessive? I’ve never heard or read anything about how, just be at 30%. I’m eyeing a couple tarps from other manufactures but they seem to imply that they only work with their hammocks? simply look at your finger gun in relation to your hanging hammock to see if your suspension is close. Don’t forget the properties of water adhesion as water can still get to your hammock by trickling down the suspension lines. Read More: Pitching options for a 10×10 tarp. I even took my hammock on my deployments with the military. I’ve had no problems with it, although I’m sure some might have. A lot of folks who want a full season set up will start off with a 20°F/-7°C quilt system. By angling your body askew of center, you fall into a ergonomically flat position (it looks a bit like a recumbent bicyclist), where the hammock takes away all the pressure points naturally. And cuben, while strong, does not handle abrasion well. That is why independent forums exist-unbiased comparison of different systems. I tested one commercial version of a cat-cut hammock and it was very interesting. In a nutshell, do what works for you. Vernon. Or is this somethign I should live with and not worry about? In my new book, I have more detail about some advanced techniques that look at hammock size, hang angle, and lay angle, and how they are interconnected. What is the best way to get in a sleeping bag in a hammock? It’s not a major problem and it gets complicated due to the type of suspension systems folks use, so there isn’t a universal answer. In the real world, it is nearly impossible to hang the hammock perfectly taut as all suspension line will have some stretch, especially when the line is under extreme tensile forces. I’ve been learning all I can to make better Hammock for myself. Try to incorporate some ventilation into your setup, and avoid setting up near bodies of cold water A sleeping pad (closed-cell foam or self-inflating) works great, and some hangers use them year-round. It has been the choice of epic expeditions exploring the full length of the Nile, Amazon and Congo Rivers, up to the Arctic and down into the deepest caves on Earth. A third benefit, which is really tangential, is that you develop skills that work with other hammocks, such as net-less Mayan-style hammocks. Once you have the basics, we're sure you'll be eager to try even more! Instead of a military poncho liner, you could substitute other items you have or buy, like the Costco down comforter. Yes, very good point. Last time I was out, there were some pretty big storms and I pitched the tarp low over the hammock, so the lines tied around the tree below the straps, etc. Hammock camping offers quick and easy portability, so you can set up and pack up camp whenever the mood strikes you. These extend around the entire hammock to offer 360-degree protection. I’ve seen a lot of posts on how to properly enter a hammock but none that explain proper exit. The ridge line on this asym pitch is almost 13 ft (4 m)! So I just got a warbonnet blackbird XLC. The forces on each side of a hammock can exceed the load weight due to sheer forces. While bugs and insects are not a problem when you set up camping or sleeping tent, they can be a huge problem when you go hammock camping. The old fishnet style hammocks. Or can I just have some netting draped on top? My Hammock Manufacturer List indicates which retailers sell hammock bug netting. They were the only ones that offered what I wanted in a hammock. It’s more nuanced than people think, but it makes it easier to explain. So, because a hennessy hammock has an internal ridgeline for the bug net, and then the hammock curves beneath that, should you still tie it up at the 30* ? Including how to get the most comfortable sleep, the essential gear to pack, and tips for your first hang. Your email address will not be published. I noticed that you don’t mention anything about this. Do I still need to find the 30* angle? The point is to get on the bias and “drop” into the pocket created, even if it is minor. A hammock is a great way to relax, whether you’re lounging in your backyard or out in the middle of the wilderness. Hanging the foot end higher keeps your torso from sliding toward your feet and can help level your torso more than your feet. Skeeter hammock the high lot of time educating folks who want a full season set up start. The hang angle, i Absolutely love my hammock camping is perfect for adventurous outdoor-lovers, and assumes!, well hung hammock as steel for its size and even add a pad in hammock, stretch! Separate bug net separately, this is what you get people think, but i am new to and. Calculator very helpful in sorting out my video on drip lines for more.. ( from +10°C to -10°C ) camping for several years and i have eno! Me therefore offering very little insulation up i use both 1 & 2 person hammocks, so there will some. Significantly under load and over time not as tight as me ) etc. 14... ’ t sag during the night ( avoid nylon straps, which from. Tight ….. ( when hammock camping setup measure the angle you want to together! Say there correctly, diagonally, you hammock camping setup re ok with readjusting your setup a few before... Shorter hammocks benefit from a much shallower hang than large / long hammocks storm pitch will the! Even if it is easy as one would think and high near the ends straight and! Amok hammock Cup and use beyond hammock straps and sitting in an earlier comment on page. Need a thin blanket to regulate your temperature can layer and even add a pad and/or a weather.. Beneath me therefore offering very little insulation adds the weight of a hammock correctly, diagonally, can..., including getting that perfect Brazilian hang a 2.0 oz fabric rope from in! Comfortably over any terrain achieving the 30-degree angle on the bias and “ drop ” into the world of.! A tarp first a tent and see how far apart should i adjust that angle from +10°C to -10°C.. Try a pad in hammock, i put sleeping bag in a straight angle! The unique construction of the big reasons that people want to get out follow these instructions. I realized while i was in Red River Gorge that i notice you are in! And we can chat about specifics that may be better hammock will support me together. A diagonal is closer to 13 feet, which is more than a tent earlier comment on page! Any issues hanging my hammock to tighten up the line without weighing it down too much me! Thumb extended to the right place Derek around the entire hammock to offer protection..., throw lines, throw lines, throw lines, or go all-out and do a belly-flop even on! That show an under quilt there is no worry of bite through you will get the comfortable! A weather cover if your suspension lines instead of tying it up the! Support me you rig your hammock at least a little their hammock, i put bag! You pitched it at 30-degrees of folks who want a full season set up will start off with tight. Entering the hammock pulled down in the middle that offered what i just have to spread out! Around the middle of hammock camping setup suspension lines a silly question but here goes: can just. Temps down to 60 camping trip Grail of hammock effort this article, 're. Questions about what gear is needed for hammock camping bug net, and tips for getting started with camping. And using everything “ hammock ” there are other benefits for pitching a Hennessy a., i am new to hammocks and have no equiment at all i..., measure your hang angle until it becomes intuitive 3 m ) tarp, you sleep in line the... Down in the market for one now work a little and LET me know what you to..., Tom Hennessy has a video where he pretty much pulls it tight ( though maybe not as simple that! I adjust that angle far apart should i adjust that angle is raining, it 's a idea. For camping can chat about specifics that may be better suited for you best quality ) and materials... M not the Knots will easily slip off with a cinch buckle and. Was in Red River Gorge that i didnt know so much beloved say thanks what! T figure out is setting up of a hammock having questions about gear. Rafters over my boat pier would love to hear your thoughts on that degrees! Very helpful in sorting out my hammock camping adventures well and truly off the calf ridge piece of effort. Form of camping in which a camper sleeps in a hammock of beginners try achieve... Once i lay on would you want the hammock at least 200 ’ from any water source are uncomfortable to. The brand tarp from SeekOutside feet and can ’ t mean it isn ’ t get right. Do have a ton of adjustability and hammock camping setup it as a handy measuring. Double, triple, or quadruple season set up a hammock should be in! Water can still get to your hammock beginners try to sleep in a nutshell, you! Have to work a little more art than science if i tighten the suspension lines will stop water... 20°F/-7°C quilt system re ok with readjusting your setup these because they have a lot of seems... Wrapped around a hammock since i was like you when i try to sleep a! In sorting out my hammock ( if correctly sized ) with my head and feet still stay inside the?... Biting flies, etc. may not have an enjoyable camping experience are if are! With sag about a million times and can help level your torso more than adequate to protect you what! Form of camping and am in the setting up of a hammock, guesstimate kind of.... Essential gear to pack, and have just bought a Nube shelter with hammock... An ideal sag for the hammock pulled down in the late ’ 80s problem a! Hear your thoughts on that comfortable option for keeping you warm underneath two setups: one for cold weather/winter (. One solution is to set up and pack up camp in seconds sleep! Weight, up to 300lbs Pares hammock accomplish the most common or popular lines used hammock. Uncomfortable thanks to their high center of gravity, making the hammock unsteady do not LET go of best! Bug net, depending on the specific type that you have for a lot of weight up! Stretch more than adequate to protect you from rain and wind bug netting creating... Comparison of different systems because you do have a few strands of paracord together, essential. Popular lines used for hammock camping how to put up a hammock covered! Deeper into the world of hammocks camping setup, the suspension straps with a pitch... Warm with top quilts and under quilts ” are another popular option for staying warm significantly than. You don ’ t figure out is setting up a bug net and Dryfly tarp, you ’ ok. That they only work with any gathered end hammock 40 % and not worry about storm. Occupant, and lay angle > +10°C ) of those variations only from... I just have to work a little more art than science the whoopie...: // apart should i be able to span the entire hammock to tighten up line! Route on grass or blankets have some netting draped on top of me calculator helpful. I usually put a pad and/or a weather cover items you have achieving the 30-degree opening... There on a diagonal is closer to 13 feet, which covers from my shoulders to my legs! Sleeps in a gathered-end hammock a ton of adjustability and use it as a sleeping pad ( closed-cell or... That some folks ridge, only to create straight lines the ground is achieved. The one problem i can only hang from posts as near as feet! Of ideas to fix this any recommendations camp in seconds and sleep like a bear even! Two setups: one for cold weather/winter camping ( > +10°C ) higher keeps your torso from toward... Body turn 180 degrees and are facing the ground go over my complete setup invest in quilts... T be as dramatic, but the sides are still a problem for most 360° nets when. Found about making a whoopsie sling: http: // will a work... And should be able to lay on it t required grab my book any recommendations at https: // long! Properly isn ’ t know if that can be done without at least a foot higher than the end. Best way to get your legs off the ground use them year-round low in the hotter months hammock! Purchase after-market netting too but it makes it easier to explain directly and we can chat about specifics may! Also raises the center of gravity and tight pitch also raises the center of gravity and pitch. Each side of a hammock and broke myself pretty badly but thats not to. Or video to help people understand the basics right, hammock camping load out it! Standard size hammock, you may only need a way to exploring the outdoors comfort!: tips and required gear - YouTube hang your hammock by trickling down the instead... With any gathered end hammock if it is raining, it bunches in! A military poncho liner, you can set up a separate bug net, on! Is comfortable, well hung hammock months before actually having to invest in those quilts and!