Domesticated donkeys vary in size, depending on how they are bred. 324 36 Popular content Calculator: Which horses can carry me comfortably? Feel the hip bones and hindquarters. I feed approximately 1 cup of pellets per 100 pounds. In Peta Jones’s book “Donkeys for Development” published by ATNESA states that a donkey should not carry more than 1/3 of its weight. The average Donkey has an overall height of 43.0”-57.0” (109-145 cm), withers height of 36.0”-48.0” (92-123 cm), and body length of 57.0”-76.0” (145-193 cm). We prefer PayPal, but please contact us if you are unable to use this facility. 1,000-pound horse can carry about a 200 pound human). 0000001744 00000 n Building his hindquarters will come as he fills out and he gets worked more. 0000006652 00000 n %%EOF Donkey penis almost touches the ground. 0000025273 00000 n You can do an online search for … 200 - 350 pounds -- Adult 20 - 40 pounds -- … For example, a donkey 104cm tall (a) and For example, a donkey 104cm tall (a) and with a heart girth 122cm (b) should weigh 181kg (c). For example, a donkey 104cm tall (a) … The height at the withers ranges from 7.3 to 15.3 hands (31 to 63 inches, 79 to 160 … 359 0 obj <>stream 100% real. Obvious loss of muscle mass. Equine Weight Calculator "How much do I feed my horse?" Please see my article on feeding donkeys here: Feeding Donkeys {6 Things ALL my Donkeys Get}, A vet once told me, “If you keep your equine skinny and their toes trimmed short, you’ll eliminate almost all of their health problems.“. Click the picture for more information and to get your copy! startxref My donkeys ALL get timothy pellets, lightly soaked with CA Trace minerals added. Because I rescue donkeys, I rarely get a healthy donkey and it’s up to me to try to get them healthy! To thin. Donkey, Burro, Ass, jackass, jennet, Miniature Donkey, Mammoth, Jackstock, standard, Mexican Burro - they are all terms for Donkeys. Knowing your horses weight helps know how much weight he can safely carry or pull. GSF Donkey Weight Tape Our Donkey Weight Tape has been scientifically researched over many years using over 1,000 donkeys both from the UK and Kenya, with the invaluable help of the Donkey Sanctuary, Sidmouth, Devon and initially Warwickshire College, Moreton Morrell. Do not underestimate the need for your donkey to be in good physical condition before you start riding. See our interesting handy of the average height and weight chart for each horse breed. To estimate a donkey’s weight using the diagram below mark the height and heart girth measurements on the correct axis. 0000024274 00000 n Donkeys are not meant to be fat and Donkeys are NOT horses… they don’t have big booty hindquarters. Just feel a thin layer of skin? This problem is generally avoided by using carts for single donkeys. 0000009522 00000 n Huge penis erection we saw on a donkey at Arbuckle Wilderness in Oklahoma. The Baudet du Poitou, also called the Poitevin or Poitou donkey, is a French breed of donkey. Donkeys that are between one and two years old are called “yearlings" . The plumb donkey you may think looks cute is actually on the road to bad health, discomfort and pain. Do the shoulders feel small and boney? I want everyone to understand that a lean donkey is a good thing. I try to set my donkeys up as natural as possible, provide natural health support and treat the “whole donkey”. Weight tapes use a horse’s heart girth measurement alone, but using body length plus heart girth¹ tends to be more accurate. Thats good! Our desert donkey friends have a multitude of health problems when they get overweight. Please keep in mind NO donkey, no matter how well muscled and conditioned is going to look like a horse. Average donkey weight is hard to guesstimate for an individual because even if you have 2 donkeys the same height, they may have different bone structure and different abilities at gaining muscle. I’m writing a series of 3 books on caring for donkeys naturally. American Jackstock also known as Mammoth Asses, Burros or Donkeys, should be approx. 0000007964 00000 n 5 Point 9 Point Description 1/5 1/9 Dogs: Ribs, lumbar vertebrae, pelvic bones and all bony prominences evident from a distance. Read on to find out why… Why Get a Donkey? (250 kilograms). The weight of the dissel-boom is taken on the necks of the donkeys and thin straps can cut into the flesh. The donkey’s weight is indicated by where the line crosses the weight axis. It is one of the largest breeds, and jacks (donkey stallions) were bred to mares of the Poitevin horse breed to produce Poitevin mules, which were formerly in worldwide demand for agricultural and other work. Yes, you see lean donkeys,, in our country (USA) most of our domestic donkeys are fat.. this causes a multitude of health problems that lessens the quality of life for the donkey. e.g. Research has shown that on average a donkey will eat approximately 1.3 – 1.8% Wow. or "How much medicine does my horse need?" Some of course are larger and most you will find on the farm might be smaller. A typical Donkey weighs between 400-500 lb (180-225 kg) and has a lifespan of roughly 25-40 years. The average horse can safely carry about 15 to 20 percent of its body weight (e.g. J-Donk here in the picture below, has a very angular build and he’s still growing. WEIGH YOUR DONKEY WITH A WEIGHT TAPE A weight tape can be purchased at or your local tack shop. 0000012172 00000 n But how much does your equine weight? Please note that EquiMed weight calculators are based on scientific research, but that individual animal differences may cause over or under estimation of your animals weight. a donkey 110cm tall and with a heart girth 130cm would weigh approximately 217kg. The donkey’s weight is indicated by where the line crosses the weight axis. 0000024804 00000 n A mammoth donkeys average donkey weight will depend on build. Donkeys characteristically get by on less food than a horse of similar size, and need a lower protein content in their feed. There is also the consideration that some donkeys are more narrow.. more thick boned or more thin boned.. some are more please.. do not compare donkeys to horses or the typical overweight donkeys we see in this country. Wild donkeys typically grow to around 49 inches (125 centimeters) from hoof to shoulder and weight around 551 lbs. Add some food. J-Donk is developing great muscle on his shoulders, has a “fleshy” feel over his ribs and spine. 0000022839 00000 n You can contact me at As a 5 year old mammoth donkey, he has a couple of more years to fill out. (v) If the donkey (usually an older donkey), has an unusually large umbilical girth circumference, then these donkeys weigh heavier than ones of a normal circumference. FOALING Do you feel just bones or hard muscle and flesh? <]/Prev 44210/XRefStm 1288>> Miniature Donkeys are registered through the Miniature Donkey Registry which is administered by the American Donkey & Mule Society at . If you see or feel fat pads and see or feel a cresty fat roll on the top of the neck this is very bad for your donkey. 0000016842 00000 n Donkeys can founder on rich food such as … h�b``�g``ce �V-T��,�F��rE��*���� ��9-��P9��YX� 0000007339 00000 n The statistics presented here could also describe burros. A male donkey (Jack) bred to a female horse produces a MULE. Cats: Ribs visible on short-haired cats; no Average donkey weight is hard to guesstimate for an individual because even if you have 2 donkeys the same height, they may have different bone structure and different abilities at gaining muscle. 8 Things to consider: How much weight can a donkey carry? These long-eared, horselike creatures are surefooted and sturdy. 0000012286 00000 n 15.2 hh (hands high, a hand being an equine measurement of 4" each). (iv) The best weight estimation is when the donkey has a body condition score (bcs) of 3. This first book will address the donkeys physical needs and ailments. Online equine calculators require measurements of your horse, donkey or foal in order to estimate weight. The weight consideration is important, but equally important is the condition of the donkey itself. trailer 1) and are fantastic fun to get to know A donkey weight chart allows you to estimate weight by measuring a donkey’s height and heart girth. He still needs to build some muscle on his shoulders, and that will come as he is trained more for his future as a working and saddle donkey.