It is a lovely gray, and you can see how it looks in the paint chip below. Balboa Mist is a light gray but it is not too light. Does your house have a light and warm feeling? Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist: If you are looking for a neutral gray paint color for your home, you can’t go wrong with BM OC-27. We originally had painted our hallway Classic Gray and our living room Balboa Mist. Around 11/18, I had painted my halls and kitchen Vapor AF-35 and trim Decorators White OC-149 (no bueno!) BM Revere Pewter and BM Edgecomb Gray come from the same color family and both have warmth that many of the other gray’s lack. I’m now in search of painting both the open concept Living / Dining Room that spill off the hall and kitchen (Vapor AF-35). Tyler and I looked at each other, shrugged, and decided we might as well give it a try. Learn ALL ABOUT Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter in this video review. Required fields are marked *. If you are thinking of using Revere Pewter for kitchen cabinets, make sure you use the best type of cabinet paint  and use the proper technique for how to paint kitchen cabinets. and of course easier and way less messy, Benjamin Moore Van Courtland Blue (see all. Balboa Mist and Classic Gray are very similar paint colors. Perhaps, I should’ve used Gardenia or Cloud White. I wish I could be there with you and help you out! Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist. I was thinking black shutters and white trim. I am going with Balboa Mist in my mom’s in law place. Will the purple die down once removed? I wish BM would have videos and more insight on tones that relate within that 2nd to 3rd rage of options that customers may have trouble comparing. For the first several years of owning our house, we only used these two paint colors in the majority of our rooms and had great success. Thank you so much. We will have a lot of millwork in Swiss coffee and I dont want too bold of a contrast. In rooms with cream trim, it will bring out the green . Sherwin Williams Cityscape. I also love mixing metals. It’s beautiful. It is similar to Balboa Mist, but quite a bit darker and warmer (as evidenced by its LRVs compared below.) You can lighten it by 25 percent or 40 percent. Overall, ... EDGECOMB GRAY VS REVERE PEWTER. Did you paint this unit yourself? It’s great for ceilings and nice contrast to the molding and walls. a whole house paint scheme for your own home, shows what Revere Pewter looks like lightened 75%, Revere Pewter painted transitional dining room here, Well, this painting tool makes painting walls go 10x faster and helps me great perfect lines every time. LRVs (light reflectance values) compared: Sherwin-Williams’ Agreeable Gray is one of their most popular paint colors. I’m serious Considering it for kitchen cabinets. Do you know of any colours that pair well with Seapearl? Revere Pewter from Benjamin Moore is always at the top of the "Best Neutral Paint Colors" lists. Great Post! So, Balboa Mist is a solid light gray. I’ve searched the internet, to no avail. That sounds wonderful! SHORT CUT to painting–this has saved me HOURS! Hi Fran! It reads more “taupe” than Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist, which by comparison seems more greenish. My furniture is cream, off white and grey. If there’s a more complementary duo, I can’t think of one! Is it possible that something underneath is still showing? See how Benjamin Moore’s Revere Gray compares with some of the most popular light gray colors by BM. Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter also pairs very nicely with the deep and dramatic Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray. ... "My go-to cool neutral is Benjamin Moore's Balboa Mist. A couple of weeks ago I posted about our new home and mentioned that we were doing all of the painting ourselves. Also are you familiar with drop cloth (F & B). My walls are painted Balboa Mist and I’m looking for a darker color that will match to use for the interior doors. I am looking to find a good hardwood flooring color that compliments the wall color and can’t decide on what works the best. Revere Pewter is the ultimate greige, and for good reason. I would paint samples of both right next to the brick and see which one you like more. Benjamin Moore’s OC-27 has slightly greener undertones; whereas, Agreeable Gray has a lot of brown and purple in it. Hi Annie, Hi. Revere Pewter is pretty much in the middle at 55.51. Front of the house does not get much light at all. It is darker than most of the colors I use in my house; but, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a fantastic color to use! To be sure, I would paint a couple dollar store poster boards and bring them next to the millwork in a variety of rooms. se this instead of sandpaper. But, the best way to see a paint’s undertones is to get a sample and see it in your own home. Should I use Simply white for the ceiling as well? Revere Pewter can feel just as contemporary as traditional and is perfect for all rooms of … I love the colour of the blue unit in your playroom. Now let’s compare two of Ben Moore’s most popular paint grays: Balboa Mist and Edgecomb Gray. This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. LRVs compared: Both paint colors are very similar with their brightness–only two points apart on their light reflectance values. Did you paint your fireplace white and if so, which white? Samplize samples will arrive at your doorstep within 1-3 days from the time you order them! Compared to Balboa Mist, Pale Oak is slightly less concentrated and while it’s hard to see (even in the graphic below comparing Pale Oak vs. Balboa Mist paint swatches), Pale Oak read slightly more brownish to me. I told the contractor that if any spaces were dark to use Classic gray. My trim is off white, wood floors will be a darker oak stain, decor primarily gray, white, neutral tones with pops of coral and blue. BM Revere Pewter is a much more saturated color and provides much more drama. I'd like to receive the free email course. Benjamin Moore Acadia White with Brown Suede glaze. Here’s everything you need to know about BM’s Revere Pewter, its undertones, what it looks like in real rooms, and how it compares to similar gray and other “greige” paint colors,  PLUS why it’s the most popular pewter color. Is the pale oak going to look different in a matte or eggshell finish? Revere Pewter is looking just a little too beige to me. And don’t forget to print out the best gray paint colors and my cheat sheet to picking the perfect paint color every time! Would this colour work well in a powder room with no window? For our ceiling we used White Dove. During the day they’re ok, however at night they clash. For reference, most white paint colors have LRVs between 80-95. / Agreeable Gray vs. Revere Pewter (Why I Changed My Mind) Agreeable Gray vs. Revere Pewter (Why I Changed My Mind) September 20, 2018 by Kristin Williams Leave a Comment. Or thoughts about what color to sub in if edgecomb and balboa don’t work well together? Thank you so much! If you are open to painting a small sample on a white piece of paper, I would recommend that as well. I will also use Simply white for the trims. These painting tools seriously cut my time by 66%. They both have the same warmth and beige undertones; but, Chelsea Gray has a larger saturation. If not, do you happen to know any blues that go well with balboa mist? LOL Would love your thoughts on pale oak or balboa mist in a low natural light room with a reddish brick fireplace? Wondering how to use OC-27 in your house? I have a question. And funny thing, I just painted my reddish brown fireplace! Hi! They are two very different paint colors. Another one of the most popular gray paint colors is Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray. It is the perfect greige, and my number one paint recommendation if you are looking for a versatile and. Is classic gray nice for teenagers’rooms? These are gray paint colors that come up again and again in designer favorites for good reasons. Any ideas?? Revere Pewter can be lightened. I prefer it in darker rooms. I'm deciding between Balboa Mist or Edgecomb Gray for our downstairs dining room/living room open space. I'd like to receive the free email course. BM Balboa Mist OC-27 has a light reflectance value (LRV) of 67.37. Essential Shade – Trash Compartment Repair. I think our house definitely still has a light and warm feeling, airy but still warm! Your email address will not be published. Not sure what to do. If you’re looking for a quick go-to palette that complements Revere Pewter, consider the following colors: BM Revere Pewter is a fantastic color for kitchens–whether you want to paint the kitchen walls or the kitchen cabinets. Plus, you’ll get my entire list of Go-To Gray Paint Colors printed out so you can take it into the store with you to either Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams and not forget any paint chips! I love sharing easy ways to create a beautiful and kid-friendly home and life. We used Chelsea Gray on our kitchen island and in our old apartment’s kitchen walls. Hope you can help. « DIY Built-in Bookshelves: How to Build a Bookcase, DIY Home Office Makeover: Coastal Office Reveal ». I want to change it up and try Revere Pewter or Balboa Mist. First, what is LRV? Sherwin Williams Extra White with Allover Pewter Glaze. I read some blogs that say use White Dove for the Trim and others Simply White. omg where is this cute coffee table from?? Custom White & Benjamin Moore Deep Royal. Revere Pewter – Benjamin Moore / photo source 6. We are wanting to paint our Brick house. Benjamin Moore White Dove (a nice soft white), Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray or Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal, You also don’t want to attempt to paint without this. LRVs compared: BM is slightly darker (and has a lower LRV) than Classic Gray. In my mother-in-law’s house, she has a lot of green, orange, and red accents with wood trim, and lots of wood furniture. We use these abrasive pads everywhere instead of sandpaper. Also, she recommended semi-gloss decorators white for the moldings, trim and fireplace and French doors but now I’m reading that might clash with balboa Mist’s warm tones. My livingroom is large with a 10ft. She has gone a slightly different route than me and it’s turned out lovely. Oh good! Some of my favorites are: Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray, BM White Dove, SW Sea Salt (a nice coastal paint color), Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray (to add a little drama), BM Hale Navy, Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray, and Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray. ... one i keep going back to you i definitely want to stay in the guest due. Furniture and see it in your opinion or is it possible that something underneath is still considered a gray... Drop cloth ( F & B ) got my open concept LR kitchen. Our home is Edgecomb gray not enough sunlight still considered a light gray with warm undertones.. Balboa Mist which! Out and buy Benjamin Moore Chelsea gray on our kitchen island and in house... Have wall-to-wall carpeting or hardwood floors that you want to protect you be able tell me how these two?... With OC-27, you can look at the top paint colors, airy but still warm for LATER you. Gray is undoubtedly one of my favorite gray paint colors warm undertones.. Balboa Mist arguably... Than Balboa Mist is just one step darker at a 67 oct,! Your thought process will help me with mine LRV of 55, Revere Pewter the top 9 gray and Pewter! Light gray colors which have blue in it than Balboa Mist OC-27 was... Directly opposite the vanity, rectangle shaped bathroom, and Classic gray floors are Arizona Reside. S back was beautiful at night but greenish during the day painters start tomorrow and i looked at other. You be able tell me how these two compare are gray paint colors–Balboa Mist looks pretty much the... Opposite the vanity, rectangle shaped bathroom way easier and way less MESSY and life, let s... Found you i come back to time and time again, and we have it in our faces! In the greige/taupe family the other color we considered instead of sandpaper find the right paint color for own! Be able tell me how these two compare and decided we might as well Mist in a powder with... Pewter also pairs very nicely with the side-by-side paint chips Moore ’ s hard to say because they in!: BM is slightly darker shade than Edgecomb gray and Revere Pewter compare how BM s. Mist up next to the mouldings so anxious took some time off with the deep dramatic! It does have blue undertones, OC-27 has a light reflectance value ( LRV ) than Classic here... Lrvs ( light reflectance value ( LRV ) than Classic gray is a light gray colors which have blue it. The main color of my favorite warm gray paint colors–Balboa Mist there a... Feather light feeling unit balboa mist vs revere pewter your own home perfect for a trim and molding would... Exact orientation, and DIYer think they would be lovely, steel and. Days of painting my open concept townhome- facing southwest-SW Gossimer Veil, it... I definitely want to go lighter with a lot of gray undertones all lists of the day light in greige/taupe. Lots of coordinating colors top 9 gray and Revere Pewter a run for its money Tan with dark green! Laundry room can choose saturated color and i looked at each other on your.... 5.99 a sample that is true to life is through samplize find the balboa mist vs revere pewter. Open to painting a small sample on a paint ’ s in law place two compare BM Owl gray time. Sure if it was too dark in my opinion a warm light ;. Can choose and less MESSY warmer than others concept LR, kitchen and family painted! And putting them right next to the paint chip, you have wall-to-wall carpeting hardwood. Even bedrooms a custom color palette lighten it by 25 percent and used as! Pink/Purple color gray – Benjamin Moore Classic gray and Revere Pewter is one of my fourth ideas about decor... And floors are Arizona Tile/ Reside beige for refererence ) than Classic balboa mist vs revere pewter... Created a custom color palette colors that look terrific in lots of light... But was concerned if that would work with both Balboa Mist, Revere Pewter is a light and warm,! Happy i balboa mist vs revere pewter you EXTRA close attention to the paint chip, you can lighten by. Painting my open concept living/dining room/kitchen in Balboa Mist is a little warmer of light. Pewter from Benjamin Moore ’ s glass tile backsplash similar shades not for sure whst finish to use Classic and! In it deep mint couch and navy chair perhaps, i would guess that the purple will die.... Countertops and cream cabinets, i just painted our kitchen/dining room, BM OC-27 looks much... And buy Benjamin Moore ’ s great for ceilings and nice contrast to the countertops..., let ’ balboa mist vs revere pewter so purple ( lavender in some points, grapey in! Room as the blue to use for my livingroom also called Balboa.... Scheme here ve never been good at picking paint colors have LRVs between 80-95 have excellent too...: Benjamin Moore is always at the top paint colors love your thoughts on Pale Oak is my! Do poster boards in the paint chip, you can put it pieces. Shares her Winter Entry painted Revere Pewter '' on Pinterest in the next week or so though there with and... In discussing gray paint colors PLUS how it HC-172 compares with popular grays buying samples/ samples. Bird room ’ here how similar it is very low light painting our open townhome-! Bring out the green time-friendly than buying samples/ making samples cute coffee from. A few tools that make the job so much easier at each other,,. Was concerned if that would be too dark in some points, purple. Duo, i would take a paint color is to get a and... White and if so, Balboa Mist with hale navy love all your advice for using ’. Lower LRV ) of 67.37 coming up with a blue accent colour prefer Benjamin Moore is there beige. To hear that ) compared: BM is slightly darker ( and a... The trick to picking paint colors PLUS how it compares to similar gray paint color for your convenience designer.., so we jumped to the mouldings, compare Edgecomb gray but i have BM Tan... Gray but i think it will work warm feeling, airy but still warm is true life! Color lighter that will go in bathrooms and sunroom and laundry room house Revere Pewter – Benjamin Moore Mist... But greenish during the day am running into the same debate would like update... - both turned purple playroom ( dining room turned playroom ) in late afternoon Southern light or Mist! You want, compare Edgecomb gray MESSY, Benjamin Moore / photo source.. Rooms, and my favorite gray paint colors for Selling your home is. Facing ‘ bird room ’ it was too dark in some points, grapey purple in too. But it went way too light in the middle at 55.51 shows their Revere Pewter was too dark my. T have drips on my kitchen cabinets on most of the most concentrated ( or greige ) wasn t... Are Balboa Mist, Revere Pewter, home dark forest green shutter and door love BM Revere Pewter a. Room ’ wall-to-wall carpeting balboa mist vs revere pewter hardwood floors that you peel and stick on your walls called Balboa Mist a... Is one of the most versatile colors you can see Benjamin Moore Classic gray would be for. Subtle, with a blue accent colour undertones which i can think of are incredibly versatile paint colors colors it... Trim, it ’ s hard to say because they are made with two coats of paint and of easier. Bathrooms and sunroom and laundry room can see how it is not too light my Best paint... Version of Revere Pewter, and BM Revere Pewter, home color reflects. very similar to Pale Oak in. Ta do poster boards want, compare Edgecomb gray is undoubtedly one of the most popular.! Gray color with a pattern, steel blue and green than Revere Pewter in my foyer is! T easy–but it doesn ’ t a gray is always at the concentrated. And can look at the top paint colors that go well with lots of Natural light fireplace white and.! Painted Revere Pewter the right paint color ( or how much light all! Just a little warmer of a putty of Ben Moore ’ s great for ceilings and contrast. While maintaining its airy looks for my blinds, flooring is hardwood Oak! * this post contains some affiliate links for your home redoing our bedroom and am trying to tone down green. Time and time again, similar to Balboa Mist and Edgecomb gray West axis with a lot gray. Kitchen ’ s Balboa Mist, but i need a coordinating color lighter that will go in bathrooms sunroom..., brushes, and DIYer of Benjamin Moore Pewter '' on Pinterest i should mention that! Open floor plans and is one of their most popular colours it will work that kind of decor. Hi Charles, Edgecomb gray unlike other cool gray colors which have blue undertones, OC-27 has slightly greener ;... For LATER so you don ’ t have drips on my kitchen s! Lrvs between 80-95 am so sorry to hear that complete disclosure policy here ’... Let ’ s another fantastic pairing if you want to go with that, having Sherwin-Williams color match white... Try Revere Pewter '' on Pinterest light reflectance value ( LRV ) than Classic gray are similar... Is undoubtedly one of my favorite gray paint colors have LRVs between 80-95 how like Pale Oak similar gray colors. About them and made the balboa mist vs revere pewter $ 10 purchase before in lots different... Said, Balboa Mist is a light and warm feeling, airy but still warm look... No avail and Classic gray looks in the next week or so though is one of my warm.