Bach Flower remedies are completely safe for use by anyone, including children. Read about the The Story of the Travelers by Dr. Edward Bach. The Complete A -Z (38 Bach Flower Remedies) List with remedy finder. Each of the 38 Bach Remedies resonates with a different thought, feeling or emotion and works to gently bring that pattern back into balance. Thoughts which worry and still remain, or if for a time thrown out, will return. Like a dark cloud that destroys normal cheerfulness. Launched by Dr. Edward Bach in London in the 1930s, Bach’s Flower Essences make up a self-contained system of healing that includes 38 different types of flowers … Keyword: Lack of confidence, depressed, discouraged, feeling of inferiority You may be unable to sleep because of the thoughts. Human indication: Suitable for people who are easily irritated and impatient. “Directly from Nature, LLC and are independent retailers/wholesalers and are not affiliated with Bach Flower Remedies Limited or Nelsons. Use the brief descriptions below to give you a guide to an initial selection. Keywords: Cross-road in life, decision making, lack of clarity, drifting in life 31] verrain ; over enthusiastic , highly sprung. 5 See also. The Bach flower remedies are grouped into remedies based on personality type and mood. ESSENCE LINES WE CARRY. Below is the complete list of all the 38 Bach Remedies – You can purchase any of the individual essences here, should you so wish. Willow Shyness is also a known fear. Beech: Critical & intolerant of others. Your list You've selected these items, you can print your list or remove items you no longer need. They are brave people, fighting against great difficulties, without loss of hope of effort.” – Dr. Edward Bach Keywords: Talkative, demand attention, dislike being alone, lonely Bach Flower Remedies work alongside herbs, homeopathy and … Being a cleanser, this remedy purifies wounds if the patient has reason to believe that some poison has entered which must be drawn out.” – Dr. Edward Bach, Keywords: Cleansing, poor self image, sense of not being clean, obsessive, poor self image “Kind, quiet, gentle people who are over-anxious to serve others. Often it is something of apparently little importance, in others there may be more serious disease which is almost disregarded compared to the one thing on which they concentrate. They do not expect further happiness such as they have had.” – Dr. Edward Bach, Keyword: Homesickness, nostalgia, bereavement Animal/pet indication:  Exhaustion, fatigue due to overwork: for working animals or those involved in racing, competitive events or shows. Animal/pet indication:  Lack of self-confidence or avoiding situations where they have to perform. They are very unhappy if they have to be alone for any length of time.” – Dr. Edward Bach. Loss of owner or home, Hornbeam Healingherbs Bach Essences; FES Quintessentials … The remedies often sit in a dark place on a low shelf in health food stores and by just looking at the name of the remedy it does not let you know exactly what it can do for you or how to take them. Animal/Pet indication:  A loss of self-control, violent scratching, “For those who do not take full advantage of observation and experience, and who take a longer time than others to learn the lessons of daily life. They will fight on. They are continually correcting what they consider wrong, and enjoy doing so. Human indication:  When you feel over-concerned and worried for others. Often clever and talented. The remedies are hand produced in England using natural spring water infused with wild flowers. All of them were discovered in the 1920s and 1930s by Dr Edward Bach, a well-known bacteriologist, physician, and pathologist. As is neatly explained in the Bach’s books (see book references below), the Bach Flower Remedies consists of 12 Healers, 7 Helpers, and then there are the second 19. Human indication:  Fear of known things such as fear of being alone, fear of spiders, fear of flying or fear of the dark. Diseases. Human indication:  For over-attachment to past memories good or bad, can’t let go of the past, homesickness. Videos. Animal/Pet indication: No apparent interest in the world around them; animals that sleep all the time, have trouble paying attention, or seem to live more in a dream than in the present, “This is the remedy of cleansing. It may not be possible to give any reason or explanation for such attacks. The shock of serious news, the loss of someone dear, the fright following an accident, and such like. They will go on trying one thing after another, though their case may seem hopeless. Human Indication:  When you are exhausted, but keep struggling on. Human indication:  When you suffer from indecision, particularly when faced with two choices. “For those in great distress under conditions which for a time produce great unhappiness. Wild Rose Substances. Pets with rashes, “Those who are doing good work, are following the calling of their life and who hope to do something of importance, and this often for the benefit of humanity. 5. Human indication:  For those who dominate others. White Chestnut Created by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930's they are simple and natural tools which help you to balance how you are thinking and feeling and can very quickly help to restore an inner sense of balance and perspective. Shannon Beador from Housewives of Orange County uses and recommend Rescue Remedy and the Bach Flower Remedies. They are prescribed according to a patient's emotional disposition, as ascertained by the therapist, doctor, or patients themselves. 6 References. The remedies are hand produced in England using natural spring water infused with wild flowers. Animal/pet indication:  Lack of energy, enthusiasm, submissive and disinterested. *. Usually at such times when the interest of the moment is not strong enough to keep the mind full. Bach Original Flower Remedies is a brand of Nelsons that offers homeopathic remedies in support of achieving an emotional balance. A person would always appear who did not fit the specified profile. Use the brief descriptions below to give you a guide to an initial selection. Bach Flower remedies work on the emotions and are helpful for anxiety, depression, fears, jealousy, low self-esteem, worries and trauma. There is one combination that Dr Bach found he used a lot, and he called this rescue remedy. Aroma-Therapy. Human Indication:  Fears and worries of unknown origin. Keyword: Indecision, imbalance, uncertainty, dizziness Contact. In both types they are anxious to be free from the one particular thing which is greatest in their minds and which seems so essential to them that it should be cured. When it seems there is nothing but destruction and annihilation left to face.” – Dr. Edward Bach “For those who are struggling and fighting strongly to get well, or in connection with the affairs of their daily life. 
Human indication:  When you are in deep despair and feel like you are going to “lose it.” They are strong of will and have much courage when they are convinced of those things that they wish to teach. Using words to describe this vibration is like describing the color blue to someone who has never seen blue. They are hard masters to themselves. To select the remedies you need, think about the sort of person you are, and the way you are feeling. Menu Here you can find a short description of the Bach flower remedies. Mental … Here is a full list of Bach Original Flower Remedies and their traditional uses. Even when successful they think they could have done better, and are never satisfied with the decisions they make. You have selected {1} essence(s) Here are the BACH® remedies you selected! For those who believe that some part, of mind or body, needs to be strengthened before they can easily fulfill their work.” – Dr. Edward Bach, Keyword: Weariness, bores, tired, needs strength, overworked, procrastination, doubting own abilities Bach Flower Remedies for Elevating Consciousness. With 38 flower essences to choose from, you can create and tailor your own flower remedies to suit you. “Fear of mind being over-strained, of reason giving away, of doing fearful and dreaded things, not wished and known wrong, yet there comes the thought and impulse to do them.” – Dr. Edward Bach Helpful when you need to make important decisions. Very quiet people, who move about without noise, they are aloof, leave people alone and go their own way. Up to 6 remedies can be combined at a time allowing you to tailor-blend a remedy to suit you or your family’s needs. Walnut Human indication:  When you need to overcome the feeling of hate, envy and jealousy. Among all of the bach flower essences, the Rescue Remedy is the most popular and is used by millions of people all over the world. //