Copyright 2017 © Kredi kartı bilgileriniz 256bit SSL sertifikası ile korunmaktadır. Sagina Subulata or ‘Irish Moss’. Plant in full sun or partial shade. On Mount Brandon in County Kerry, Ireland, it grows at up to 700 m (2,300 ft), and at even higher altitudes on Ben Lawers in Perthshire. The British Natural History Museum lists S. subulata as native to Scotland where it is known in English as Heath Pearlwort and in Gaelic as Mungan M'intich. Bahçe Sok. Sagina Irish Moss will spread and self seed, and can easily be removed if desired. Tolerant of fairly heavy foot traffic. Irish moss (Sagina subulata) is a moss-like ground cover that you can use to create a living carpet in your garden. non (DC.) [12], Media related to Sagina subulata at Wikimedia Commons, "The Plant List: A Working List of All Plant Species",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 8 March 2020, at 20:38. Sagina subulata is also known as pearlwort, Irish-moss, awl-leaf pearlwort, or Scottish moss. It brings an extremely fine and delicate texture to the garden composition and should be used to full effect. Irish moss (Sagina subulata) is the perfect plant for damp, shady places where nothing else seems to grow. An extremely popular groundcover plant, this forms a very low moss-like carpet of bright shamrock-green foliage. The species most commonly offered commercially is Sagina subulata, a native of western and central Europe that is hardy in zones 4-8. Yürüme yollarında üzerine basılabilir. Irish moss ~ Sagina subulata. Reaches 5cm height. Whilst preferring some shade and good drainage it is a tough little plant but it will require water through a hot summer. 8 offers from £5.00. It is not really a moss, but it grows into a tight mound just like many types of moss. The Irish name for Sagina subulata is Mongán móna. Instructions for Sagina Subulata Care. May need afternoon shade in very hot climates. Irish moss plants perform in a manner similar to moss, however. Geniş alan kaplamasında ziraatcinize danışarak bulunduğunuz bölgenin yetiştirmeye uygun olup olmadığını öğrenin. In the British Isles it is primarily found in Scotland, the Lake District, Wales, the Southwest and South of England, and the coasts of western Ireland. Tiny little white flowers begin to appear in late spring. The very tiny Irish Moss seeds create a moss-like, emerald-green foliage that forms a compact 1 - 2 inch tall carpet. [5][6][7], Heath pearlwort is a low-growing prostrate perennial plant forming a thick, dense mat with stems less than 10 cm long, and slender subulate (awl-shaped) leaves up to 1 cm long. Sagina pilifera auct. Evergreen. The flowers are 4–5 mm diameter, with five white petals the same length as the green sepals; they are produced singly on erect stems 2–4 cm long. Sagina subulata is a low-growing compact colour and texture plant. Tiny star-shaped flowers held above the foliage on thin stalks appear sporadically throughout the growing season. In the Trotternish Mountains on Skye, it is found on rocky ledges growing with Koenigia islandica. Moss yani yosun olarak adlandırılan Sagina belki de en değerli tohumlara sahip bitkilerden de biridir. It occurs on dry sandy or gravelly soils. Irish Moss is a great choice for lush groundcover or planted between stepping stones. Sagina subulata. Tufts of narrow, awl-shaped leaves cover the thin, creeping stems. subulata with glandular-hairy sepals, and Sagina subulata var. Sagina subulata çeşitleri fide ve yetişmiş olarak online sipariş ile satın al kredi kartına taksit ve yetiştiricilik bakım bilgileri için websitesi Zengarden ziyaret et,, Altıevler Mah. Her bahar üzeri sayısız, inci tanesi gibi beyaz çiçeklerle kaplanan, biçilmesi gerekmeyen bir yer örtücüdür. Caespitosa (Moss Sandwort). İrlanda çimi fidesi sagina subulata irish moss. The seeds are smooth, brown, triangular shaped, 0.4–0.5 mm, produced in a capsule 2.5–3 mm long. To Clarify: Sagina subulata (Irish Moss) is deep, green. Sagina subulata. Sagina subulata (heath pearlwort,[2] Irish-moss,[3] awl-leaf pearlwort[4] or Scottish moss; syn. Sagina subulata. Both dislike drought and the other extreme, wet feet. Fenzl) is a species of Sagina, native to Europe, from Iceland south to Spain, and east to southern Sweden and Romania. Irish Moss. Yerörtücü bitki, saksı düzenlemelerinde, kayrak ve doğal taş aralarında, biçilmesi istenmeyen ancak yaz kış yeşil görüntü arzu edilen alanların yeşillendirilmesinde kullanılır. Sagina subulata (heath pearlwort, Irish-moss, awl-leaf pearlwort or Scottish moss; syn. Fideler elinize geçer geçmez kalıcı yerlerine dikimini gerçekleştiriniz. Sagina are mat growing hardy perennials mosses that reach about 10 cm in height. Orta hızda yayılarak ilerleyen yaz kış yeşil, kadife benzeri, halı gibi ekildiği alanı kaplayan yer örtücüdür. [10], There are two varieties, Sagina subulata var. Sagina subulata - Irish MossIrish Moss forms a dense, mosslike evergreen groundcover that's an attractive choice for small areas, such as a filler between stepping stones. But Arenaria Verna has tiny white flowers in few-flowered clusters, while Sagina Subulata bears … In our opinion the best of all groundcover lawn alternatives! Sagina have lime green lance shaped leaves, and bloom in the summer carrying tiny white flowers. Irish Moss is an herbaceous evergreen perennial with a ground-hugging habit of growth. No:6 İzmir / Balçova. sagina subulata - irish moss plug. Tiny white flowers cover the plant in early summer. Aşırı sıcak bölgelerde doğrudan güneş alan yerlere dikilmesi tavsiye edilmez, serin alan bitkisidir. Irish Moss is ideal as a creeping perennial groundcover, terrific between rocks and stones.This plant is an excellent choice for … Irish Moss requires regular water and good quality, well-drained soil. Çimden farklı olarak, fideledikten sonra parça parça kaplanan alan, bitkinin yayılması ile dolar. Bloom Time: Spring: Deciduous/ Evergreen: Herbaceous: Flower Color: White: Foliage Color: Green: Garden Style: Asian/Zen, Contemporary, Cottage Supplied as compost block-grown plants. It is a mat-forming herb, easy to overlook when not in flower, found in dry, open, sandy or gravelly places, trackways, heaths, dry banks and grassy slopes near the sea. non (DC.) Tiny translucent star-shaped white flowers add to its beauty in spring. It will tolerate light foot traffic. Sagina subulata. They do need some light to maintain the most amazing of emerald green colors found in its foliage. It is effective amongst rocks … The other is Arenaria Verna, usually called A.V. Sagina Subulata ground cover is excellent for planting between flagstones. 20 cm çapında 4 saksıya ya da ort. It is also known as ‘Heath Pearlwort’ and it can be used as lawn substitute, although with heavy traffic this would be a problem. Irish moss hakkında pek söz söylemeye gerek yok aslında. 'Lime Moss' has yellow-green leaves and, in Summer, single white flowers Grown as a lawn substitute, it creates the effect of a moss-covered meadow. 250-300 tohum kolay ekim için özel dolgu kumu ile karışmış halde ekime hazır gönderilmektedir. [7][11] The cultivar 'Aurea' (referred to as Scottish or Scotch Moss in the horticultural trade) is grown as a garden plant. Sagina plants are native to Europe, from Iceland south to Spain, and east to southern Sweden and Romania. It is grown primarily for the lush foliage, soft feel and appearance. Pearlwort 'Lime Moss', Heath pearlwort 'Lime Moss', Irish moss 'Lime Moss', Scotch moss 'Lime Moss' Genus. Tiny little white flowers begin to appear in late spring. Orta hızda yayılarak ilerleyen yaz kış yeşil, kadife benzeri, halı gibi ekildiği alanı kaplayan yer örtücüdür. Her bahar üzeri sayısız, inci tanesi gibi beyaz çiçeklerle kaplanan, biçilmesi gerekmeyen bir yer örtücüdür. Irish Moss SAGINA subulata . [7][8][9], Sagina subulata is native to temperate areas of Europe. £7.88. Sagina Sagina. The widely used Sagina Subulata aurea is a popular evergreen ground cover plant suitable for rockeries and for growing between pavers in pots etc. gönderilecek ürün seçeneklerden seçiniz. Familiarly known as Irish moss, Sagina subulata is a mossy evergreen ground cover that grows to demure heights of only about 1 inch. Sagina subulata tohumu: sagina subulata - pearlwort IRISH MOSS: İrlanda Yosun Çimi-taze hasat-kompakt varyete: bir pakette ort. The common name Irish moss generally refers to plants with emerald-green leaves while Scotch moss is generally used for cultivars with gold to chartreuse foliage. This herbaceous perennial (evergreen in warmer zones) turns green as temperatures warm. It will take light foot traffic.It is suitable as ground-cover, or along paths, between paving stones and cracks, or in small containers. Sagina pilifera auct. Those situated in direct sunlight or within three metres of a radiator are most likely to suffer from dehydration. Bir masaldan çıkmış gibi su yeşili asla fazla boylanmayan örtücü bir bitkidir. Irish Moss cannot survive in drought-like conditions, so providing a bright, indirect setting with an abundance of moisture is paramount for quality growth. Tohumlar yıllarca tazeliklerini korudukları halde taze tohumu daha hızlı çimlenip gelişmektedir. It is a good plant for rock gardens or areas that get some foot traffic. A terrific lawn grass substitute. Studded with a galaxy of white flowers for a short time in mid-summer. Great choice for … An extremely popular groundcover plant, this forms a very low moss-like carpet of bright shamrock-green foliage. 500 Irish Moss Seeds - Sagina Subulata - Great for Ground Cover or Containers 2.5 out of 5 stars 22. Çiçekleri için yetiştirilen bir bitki olmasa da çiçeklenme Haziran ayında gerçekleşir. Forms a ground-hugging, soft green carpet. Sagina subulata, known as Irish Moss, features dark green, moss-like foliage that makes a soft, rolling carpet of lush greenery. Excellent for filling in between the cracks of flagstone paving, in the rock garden or as a lawn substitute. Pearlwort, Irish Moss. This is a low, mat-forming plant with tiny green or golden (Sagina Subulata ‘Aurea’) leaves and tiny white flowers in summer. USDA Zone: 3-9. This beautiful groundcover features dense tufts of slender stems which grow together to form a lush carpet of green. Fenzl) is a species of Sagina, native to Europe, from Iceland south to Spain, and east to southern Sweden and Romania. Plant in any moist, well-drained soil with regular water. Common Name(s): Irish Moss; Previously known as: Colobanthus subulatus; Phonetic Spelling sa-JI-nuh sub-yoo-LAH-tuh Description. tall, 12 in. 80 cm kare alana yeterlidir. Sagina subulata Aurea (Scotch Moss) is brighter, having a golden tint to the foliage. Plant number: 1.460.050. glabrata Gillot with hairless sepals; the latter is often a lawn weed, and has been confused with the related Mediterranean species Sagina pilifera. Irish or Scotch moss, also known as sagina subulata, is a beautiful ground cover that grows well in moist climates. Resembling moss, Sagina subulata (Irish Moss) is a prostrate herbaceous evergreen perennial forming a dense, compact mat of ground-hugging, emerald-green foliage. Irish Moss is a groundcover with deep green moss-like leaves and tiny white daisy-like flowers. Sagina subulata Irish Moss Qty $ 3.62 /packet 100 pelleted seeds: Creeping moss-like plant with dense, tiny, emerald green, feathery leaves. This is a relatively low maintenance plant, and usually looks its best without pruning, although it … Irish Moss Pearlwort Sagina Subulata is a luxuriant, evergreen, perennial ground cover plant native to Europe. Irish Moss (Sagina subulata) is a low-maintenance ground cover that is perfect for use in rock gardens, between pavers, at the edges of a path, and as a low-footfall, limited area lawn substitute. Variety or Cultivar 'Lime Moss' _ 'Lime Moss' is a compact, mound-forming, evergreen perennial with linear, bright yellow-green leaves and single, white flowers in summer. Irish Moss One of our most popular STEPABLE Creeping Perennials!Sagina subulata has dense tufts of slender stems which grow together to form a lush carpet of green moss.Small, star-shaped, white flowers cover completely in spring. Irish Moss is just the ground cover you need for rock gardens and planting between stepping stones or pavers. Average Size at Maturity: Moderate grower to 1 in. Hardy and cold resistant, this plant resembles a moss, though it is quite clearly not one. Orta yoğunlukta trafiğe uygun. Utterly hardy, excellent drought resistance. An evergreen perennial, the Sagina Irish Moss has tiny star shaped flowers in spring. Irish moss works well as a ground cover or tucked into tight spaces between paving stones or in a rock garden where it will remain green and lush all year round. This lush and low-growing evergreen perennial resembles moss , but it's actually part of the Carnation family ( Caryophyllaceae ) and has much different growing requirements. Grows best in full sun or partial shade in well drained, moist fertile soil. Both of these European natives make dense, compact, moss-like masses of slender leaves on slender stems. Usually dispatched within 6 to 10 days. Sagina Subulata - Common name:Corsican Pearl Wort, Pearlwort, Irish Moss - Lush deep green moss-like carpet of foliage 1" tall. Irish Moss seeds are very tiny, so it is better to start the seeds in starter flats or pots and transplant the seedling later to the garden spacing the plants 6-9 inches apart. 20pcs Sagina Subulata Seeds Irish Moss Seeds Garden Ground Cover Creative Plant DIY 1.7 out of 5 stars 9. Charming little white b… A member of the Caryophyllaceae family, Irish moss (Sagina subulata), which is not a moss at all, is also called Corsican pearlwort or Scots moss. wide. It occurs on dry sandy or gravelly soils. Sagina subulata 'Lime Moss' Other names. Bu ürünün fiyat bilgisi, resim, ürün açıklamalarında ve diğer konularda yetersiz gördüğünüz noktaları öneri formunu kullanarak tarafımıza iletebilirsiniz. Irish moss … In spring, the mass of small, star-shaped, white flowers are a delight. Scotch moss favours clay soil, Irish Moss is less particular about the soil it's grown in. Their size makes them a great plant for using in rock gardens, as ground cover, and for the gaps in dry stone walls. It is also sometimes referred to as heath pearlwort. Sometimes known as Irish Moss - though, as it flowers, it's not a moss at all! Perfect for planting between stepping stones, in small crevices between rocks or pool-side.