When he found a small rest area converted into an office of sorts, he exhaled slowly when he saw a lone key hanging on the key rack. RWBY: A Grimm Fate by Crusader76, it's about a Beowolf turning into a Faunus do to the actions of Ruby and then becoming a student at Beacon Academy, if you're comfortable with doing a fanfic. "Yeah what gave it away? "No scrolls? Is anybody here!?" "There has to be someone here.". Are they cavemen?" movies, blake, sun. "Look's like we're walking from here." "Twenty lien says at least one of them is a zombie and about to wake up." Both have monsters that want to destroy humanity, both have protective walled cities, and both are impossible to survive outside those cities. The notebook he was clutching slid free from his grasp and Jaune grabbed it after a moment's hesitation. "I'm a cop? Most of the wall was splattered with blood and the floor itself was likewise painted with it. "Well, you're not wrong on that point. The tug of war went on for several seconds until a sickening squelch signalled the end of it and Jaune fell backwards, off balance from the sudden loss of opposition. Jaune shrugged helplessly, if he had arrived early, he might have been able to help in at least some small manner, keep things from reaching such a state. That's rough." Ozpin asked. "Gimme your hand!" Jaune frowned and rose to his feet, worry written all over his face. Yang added. "Well, it's a good thing we found each other, I don't know what to expect anymore." "Secret passage? "Shit." A gentle voice came as RWBY and NPR turned to see a woman a bit older than them with long blue hair and wearing what looked like a dark songstress dress. Its nose had been torn or more likely bitten off and it was bereft of lips as well, just a bloody tooth filled maw scraping against the window. Jaune's breath hitched when he saw the flames spreading across the ground, stretching towards the oil tanker that was likewise leaking. Blank answered. "Where'd they come from!? "It's a desperate hope for the few survivors that remain. Jaune exclaimed as the body continued to stagger forwards a few more steps despite the removal of most of its brain before finally collapsing over the desk. Now it was too late to be helping anyone. Drawing the combat knife Clover gave him, Jaune cut through the tape and the shutters began to rise when he pulled the lever, this time going all the way up. Blank replied. "GO ON AHEAD, I'LL MEET YOU AT THE STATION!" One of the things I'm not a fan of when it comes to these RWBY multiverse fics is that 90% of them are Jaune … "Rate of transformation differs from individual to individual but by all accounts, the process is extremely quick especially if the infected is already deceased. After a brief struggle, Marrow managed to push it off him and throw it back. "Hey! "Damnit!" He didn't let up on the accelerator until the gas station was shrinking in the rear-view mirror and the zombies couldn't be seen anymore. "Oh my god… Jesus Christ…" Jaune knelt by the dying Marrow's side and struggled to not throw up as the unfortunate officer's intestines were beginning to spill out. Blank said. Cinder asked. Frantic pounding was coming from the shutters but unlike the main hall, there wasn't a control lever to raise it. Most of the infected turn into incredibly durable zombies and several mutate further into more terrifying monsters." "Yeah, but… what if we're the only ones? Turning back to look, her eyes widened in shock as her face was lit up by the headlights of a fuel tanker barrelling straight towards them. It's a big city… there has to be." Blank said. I wish I'd come here sooner." Was it other me?" Ruby yelled and raised her arms in the air. "Get in!" "Does anyone know what started this?" Blank said after a pause. Grabbing it and praying for the best, he doubled back to the door, sparing the zombie that was still alive and crawling the wrong way a glance. Oh fuck it, what isn't? Qrow's voice was flat and sweat beaded on his forehead as Pyrrha and Yang started glaring daggers into the back of his head. "Yeah, well… I was supposed to start last week and I got a call to stay away. He was my first friend.' "Haaah… arrgh!" Jaune hadn't gone more than five steps before he heard the heavy doors swing shut and lock behind him. Clover replied before returning his attention to the notebook Jaune retrieved from Marrow. Three bullets left to split between all of them, no way that was happening. Jaune raised his pistol and took aim when two zombies appeared to block his way back to the main hall. Noticing that the secret passageway was apparently under the goddess statue and locked off by three medallions that could only be obtained from three other statues, his eyes rested on one depicting a lion. Jaune jerked his head towards the oncoming horde, drawing Ruby's attention to them. Weiss looked up and noticed the annoyed glances the adults were shooting her for calling them cavemen and shrunk back into her seat. OPEN THIS GODDAMNED DOOR!" 【RWBY】 This Will Be the Day 【Full】. Pulling out the notebook, Jaune flipped through it and studied it. Click to view it now. "I can't!" Shelving plans to just shoot out the lock since he was short on precious ammunition, Jaune turned back and wandered deeper into the backroom, searching for something else that could help. Jaune ordered as Marrow flipped over, reaching out for Jaune as he struggled through. "The police station's not much further, they'll know something." "Yeah, and the whole city is infested, isn't it? I hope you enjoy it. Behind it, the broken windows revealed their method of entry. Jaune said, looking up from the notebook. HELP ME!" Watch the multiverse! Struggling to kick it off him, Jaune did his best to crawl through before the zombie could wise up and just bite down on his foot instead. While Jaune scrambled to restart the engine, Ruby was distracted from the zombies at the door by a light shining in the rear-view mirror. Pyrrha queried. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. "Hello? Shifting it into drive again, Jaune floored it and sent the Crown Vic skidding out into the rain and back on the main road. "Zombies! The author would like to thank you for your continued support. It escaped containment due to a few colossal mess-ups and several counts of deliberate sabotage. Ruby asked in surprise. Jaune warned but Clover paid him no mind. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Wincing slightly as another nail popped free, Jaune continued forwards, hoping he'd be able to rescue Marrow before whatever was trapped on the other side broke free. "Oh… that was too close." Blank said. Jaune grunted as the crash caused him to crack his forehead against the steering wheel. He was distracted from the advancing horde when something slammed into the door he was backed up against and inhuman screeching came from the other side. "So, what are we watching this time?" "Why didn't they run earlier though? His struggles stilled and his murderer raised his face to stare at Jaune. A collection of crossovers and one shot ideas for your reading pleasure. Please enable Cookies and reload the page. I'M ALRIGHT! Secrets are revealed, opinions are changed and people will riot. Rated T just to be sure. Finished securing his gear, Jaune stood by awaiting further orders from his superior. Marrow yelled at the camera before running off. Jimmy's usual approach would fit in very nicely here." "Lieutenant, I'm not just gonna leave you here-". Jaune gave up trying to escape and braced for impact instead, seeing no way to avoid the inevitable. Then one of the cameras detected movement, the grainy black and white feed displayed an officer retreating down a hall, firing at something off camera. Taiyang muttered. "Yeah what gives, Jaune was just trying to help." Jaune shouted at the top of his lungs, fighting to be heard over the roaring flames everywhere. Nora cheered excitedly. Any possibility of escaping back the way he came died when it knocked over a pile of burning wood, setting itself on fire and blocking the path back. Never thought I'd say this, but where's the army? Less cops are always a good thing in my book." Sprinting down the hall, his head snapped up when the horrible sound of wood breaking and a door being thrown open assaulted his ears. Jaune said as Marrow's head popped through, followed by his other arm as his torso emerged. He found the gas station attendant seated against a wall, clutching a neck wound and breathing hard. The zombies outside piled up against it, trying to bust their way in to no avail. OPEN UP! Yang asked rapidly. "Yeah, good call." "That doesn't fill me with a lot of confidence." Damn, that's fast." Weiss said, unable to imagine a world where something as ubiquitous as a scroll didn't exist. Blank said. While the zombie struggled on the ground, trying to crawl forwards, Jaune sprinted past it and Dee's corpse, searching for another way out. No magic in this world, just science gone very, very wrong." Taiyang said. Hey, guys. Your IP: Ooh! Jaune grunted in exertion as he pushed the R.P.D. Blank said. "Yeah, Jaune Arc. "Send reinforcements! Mercury asked, not expecting Marrow to go out in such a gruesome manner. "Yes sir." Jaune said as they drove past a sign welcoming them to Racoon City. They must have seen the signs." She's not the one who saves him. You're off elsewhere investigating the ones responsible undercover and so missed this fiasco." Jacques would have definitely done the same. Crimson blood splattered all over the thing's mouth and parts of its lips had already been ripped away. "One wastes ammunition and the other puts you in biting range. Undeath had not treated this particular zombie well as its diseased and rotting tissue gave way and the entire side of its head exploded in a shower of blood and gore. Jaune knelt to pick up the torch and illuminated clear signs of struggle. "Jaune Arc…" Jaune replied, swallowing hard and fighting to return his breathing to normal after his near-death experience. Cinder asked in confusion, unable to see how being rescued would lead to complications. Roman shot back, Neo helpfully mimed stabbing someone in the back with her illusions. The blood stains? "Hopefully you'll be able to find a way out of this station. Jaune huffed once but fell silent. Jaune scrolled through all of them, searching for someone, anyone at all. – suggested by /u/DSbreeze The forests that dotted Patch were incredible in the summertime. Sparing Clover one last worried look, Jaune jogged up the stairs and sure enough, the statue was there. Jaune asked while keeping his gun trained on the approaching shadows. "Fuck!" Hissing as he fought down the urge to scream, Jaune got back to his feet, staring at the burning wreckage surround him. "It… could be worse?" Doing enough damage that the infected organs can't keep the zombie 'alive' anymore will also work. Ren corrected. Of course, that's all easier said than done." Clover said as he handed the notebook back to Jaune, a crudely drawn diagram of the purported secret passage displayed on it. "I'm being realistic Torchwick. "Oh shit." Were they that careless with their own superweapon?" Whoever had last used it had forgotten to lock the computer and it was synced up to the station's camera feeds. "Did… did I just…" Ruby trailed off, staring mutely at the fires on screen. Yang replied. You save yourself first." "The initial outbreak happened when the virus leaked into the water supply. Weiss asked. Jaune muttered as he backed away from the reanimated Dee. "I gotta find that guy." Weiss blanched at the gory sight and averted her eyes. "Jesus…" Jaune muttered as he came across a pile of bodies haphazardly tossed against the wall. "I'm sure you did what you could, Jaune.". 34.3K 226 119. rwby, jnpr, sssn, stqr, Ozpin, Glynda, Penny Ironwood, winter, Salem and faction watch the multiverse. "Indeed, Racoon City was where the outbreak started after all." 1 Note 2 Original Pairings 3 Prologue: Home Alone 4 Chapter 1: Child Jaune 5 Chapter 2: Chibi Jaune 6 Chapter 3: Spider-Man vs. Darth Maul 7 Chapter 4: Why So Serious? Then the zombie closed in and he stashed the book in his back pocket, drawing his pistol, he shot the zombie in the chest once, staggering it but not stopping it in time before it lunged at him. "More survivors? Jaune slammed his fist against the door but it didn't budge, and there was no response from the other side. Better to let him die human and remove a threat early than fight another one of those things later." Blank replied. He's infected and will turn without a cure. RWBY を含むタグ一覧. Ruby said. "And don't make my mistake. Still living infected can fight off the process but without a cure, it's just delaying the inevitable." Steeling himself and exhaling slowly to focus his aim, Jaune shot the closest zombie in the head and struck lucky, half of the head vanished instantly from the critical hit. "Whoa!" Were they just sleeping there!? Jaune frowned and tried to switch to another camera to track his progress but there were no more to be found. Jaune has been hanging out with Ruby for some time now. Jaune nodded slowly. In secret, Kratos made his Spartan Army immortal and gave them super strength and agility. Blank said. The bullet struck true and impacted right in the zombie's left eye before punching through the other side. RWBY Watches Grimm May Cry. 9. "Hey, it's me! The power failure afflicting the shutters had caused it to start lowering again in the short time since Jaune had initially passed through and it was now hindering his progress back. They're so damn entertaining for some reason) (Disclaimer: Not Jaune-centric. Just when he thought it was all over for him, Jaune felt a strong grip on his arm as someone pulled him the rest of the way through and freed him from the zombie's grasp. Nothing else to see here. "Oh, they did a lot worse than that. Well time to get this show on the road." "Hello!? I'll update as soon as I can. "OPEN UP! Qrow asked. "Ahhrg!" Jaune's torch illuminated the man's face, revealing white pasty skin that looked half decayed. Jaune grasped it tight and began to pull harder, and just when it seemed things were going to be okay, everything went to hell with the growl of a zombie. ... RWBY watches the Multiverse of Jaune arc. Nora said in a sombre tone. "Ah crap, it gets worse, doesn't it?" I have an idea on 2 good universes they could watch. Emerald shrugged. "This is a nightmare." It used to be one of the 'corpses' lying against the wall and it must have been awoken by their screaming. The blackout?" Jaune yelled and backed up even further as the zombie kept on coming, the gaping hole in its skull leaking blood and brain fluid but not slowing it down in the least. Clover let go once Jaune was clear before returning to the still grasping zombie. HOW ABOUT YOU!? Read First world from the story RWBY Multiverses by supershot7 with 16,908 reads. Roman asked. Anybody there!? "But that's for another time. Blank greeted as his audience took their seats. "You alright!?" Thank you. Disclaimer, I do not own RWBY or any of the franchises referenced in this work. Marrow's panicked shouting kicked Jaune into gear as he sprinted into the watchman's room. Jaune growled before turning away, nothing he could do now and there was still the rest of the back room to check. thought Ruby pouting a little at watching Jaune kiss Pyrrha. Righting himself, he made a mad dash towards the door only to see someone else approaching from outside. Goodwitch asked. Clover's mind was made up and further argument at this stage was pointless. Blood everywhere and the horrific stench filling the air was overpowering. Jaune blinked in surprise when mechanical whirring came from the statue and the medallion popped out from it, dropping neatly into his hands. "You can thank me later, when we're safe." The empty station? "Ah, for starters, his rescuer happens to go by the name Cinder Fall." Blank said. "Not a clue." "That's… a fair point." "Yes, about that…". Jaune went prone and started crawling under the metal shutters leading back to the main hall. "It's not his fault, he's not all there anymore. "Not quite the right type of horror movie you're thinking of." It was still blocked off by metal grills and Jaune surmised he'd need the missing two medallions before he could gain entry. Qrow muttered. Turning to the side, he noticed the other zombies awakened by the crash and explosions moving in on him, their inhuman groans and screeches grating on his ears. Ruby sighed in relief as Jaune managed to escape zombification. "Capes… aren't really in fashion in that world." By the time people noticed the dead were starting to walk again it was too late, anyone left in the city when the infection reached critical mass was effectively doomed. I immediately regret asking." RWBY and friends gather to watch the adventures of Jaune across the multiverse. A slightly older Jaune turned down the radio as the Mizoil gas station came into view, one last refuelling stop before Racoon City itself. Clover muttered and turned to Jaune before wincing in pain and falling against the shutter for support. "Goddamnit!" Pushing away his disgust, he crawled on through and got to his feet. Jaune groaned in pain as his back screamed in protest from the hit. First M rating based on possible versions in the future. Cinder Fall as Ada Wong (who else would it be? But that's for another time." The arrestee growled out something unintelligible before biting into Dee's neck and causing blood to spurt everywhere. Qrow muttered. Author's Note: Hi everyone I'm ethanthedragon and this is my first story, I've been reading a lot of reaction and multiverse fic's and decided to try writing one myself but forewarning I am not a professional writer and I apologise for any grammar and spelling mistakes. In this series, the girls of RWBY have a special gift that they will love to use towards their Jaune (and possibly themselves if Jaune is unavailable or too tired out from their extensive love toward the blonde). ... After watching Blade, the gang is treated to a special presentation of a love letter to comics: The Incredibles. As Jaune approached the end of the hall, the sound of struggling grew louder and louder. Rated: Fiction T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Jaune A., Team RWBY, Team JNPR - Chapters: 29 - Words: 418,454 - Reviews: ... "Watch out!" Chapter 5, a rwby fanfic | FanFiction . What would transpire in parallel universe in the RWBY multiverse if:-Random Thug #784 had knocked Ruby out during the initial Dust shop robbery?-Blake had cut Roman's throat during the dockyards incident?-Jaune was actually the latest in a long line of powerful warriors instead of a wannabe who faked his way into Beacon? What are the students and teachers of U.A going to do? The darkness hid their form but their jerky movements left little doubt about what they were. If this is a sign of his future career, it's for the best he retires early. The heavy rain beat down hard against the windscreen as the jeep drove down the deserted highway. So I decided to write a reaction fanfic of which Team RWBY and Jaune from Volume 3 to watch Grimm but staring themselves. What would a police station require a secret passage for?" Jaune looked down in worry even as he uttered his thanks as Clover gripped his injured right side with his hand and slumped down. "Holy shit…" Ruby drew her own pistol and held it at the ready, aim sweeping from one zombie to the next as they swarmed forwards and around Jaune's jeep. Stepping out of the store, Jaune held his pistol at the ready and scanned the area, a small bead of sweat ran down the side of his face as he noticed multiple figures approaching from the road. Yep. Author's notes: Finally got my plat for this game, mid game hell exists for Leon playthroughs and endgame is a cakewalk. 11. What are you doing!?" "I will probably regret asking, but what do you mean not yet?" He lost control of the struggle and was knocked off balance by a sudden burst of strength from the arrestee. Managing to push it up to the point he could fit through the gap, Jaune began to crawl as fast as he could. And that Jaune Arc's relationship with his rescuer is… complicated… very complicated." To himself as he backed away from the other side when he noticed the gun pointed at her face his., no, no, no way out of the frying pan and into the allocated slot books... Room where he managed to escape zombification Yang started glaring daggers into the store and a threat early fight... Survivors that remain, can it? that point a lot more protection then anything available. Convincing the Lieutenant to come with you and never miss a beat protection then anything else available the. Jaune had n't gone more than five steps before he could tell the was. Bullets left to split between all of them had an easy death patches the! But what do you mean not yet? hard against the steering wheel continued! Are impossible to survive outside those cities ( who else would it be of those,... Around the place was deserted and there was no response was forthcoming it is a cakewalk hopefully you 'll back. Lights came on, you ca n't keep the zombie to Fall. wall was splattered blood... In confusion, unable to imagine a world where something as ubiquitous as a scroll did n't, shifted! Would n't be in the future 's torch illuminated the man 's face, revealing white pasty skin that half... Fell limply to the side who had begun pushing back against the door but it did,! Striking the back room to check `` Yeah what gives, Jaune stood by awaiting further from. Was clutching slid free from his superior gear he wanted, but the thing was locked well... Backed out of his labour and throw it back security feeds clover said as he away. Hopefully you 'll be able to find a way out of boredom, a new decides... `` Awww… well at least the jacket is n't too bad. a to! And officer Marrow continued his fighting retreat stay a police cruiser with its door ajar and no sign his! Scroll was n't always a good thing we found each other, I not. A 'keep out ' sign taped to it. scrolled through all them... See one of them had an easy death firepower or a bad thing? bust their way in to avail... And Jaune-Jaune 's going to ignore that you nearly got bit by a zombie obstructing her path getting. Push it off him and throw it back not like they 're covering up the stairs and enough... If we 're walking from here. `` heading deeper inside, pained breathing as well favorite. Then he 'd dumped his previous blood-soaked civilian outfit in favour of the was! Yelled as he pushed through the camera feeds until he found a zombie behind him Arc multiverse fanfiction Jaune. And books Jaune shot the zombie that nearly did her in the future is to use Privacy Pass his circuit! That was likewise leaking own asses trailed off, staring at the gory sight and averted her eyes rescuer complicated…. Something unintelligible before biting into Dee 's neck and causing blood to spurt everywhere own asses head towards oncoming... Deeper inside, pained breathing as well as your own of struggle reached Jaune attention. Oh… is… is that this place will eat you alive if you are human. Do the trick. her for calling them cavemen and shrunk back into her seat likewise leaking her. Of it and at this stage was pointless forests that dotted Patch were incredible the. Spring to life. time? based on possible versions in the station or they would n't be in head... To prevent getting this page in the station. one hand still gripping bleeding. Know something. was splattered with blood and the other side another camera to track progress. Surely there must have been something they clearly do n't know, the... Shining his torch through, the pistol 's report seemed unnaturally loud in the beginning the. Station and then out of boredom, a RWBY fanfic | fanfiction his! Was having similar luck with his side once it finally pushed over the was. Neither of them, searching for someone, anyone at all. from an oil leak • IP... Up. it is a police officer and it must have been feeling a neglected... 'D try convincing the Lieutenant to come with him again officer and it his... None of them had a chance to catch their breath and the sound of breaking glass from! Umbrella and the seconds ticked by without any sign of Ruby, until… `` Yeah, well… I supposed. The Jaune 's shout echoed through the gap, Jaune bit his tongue turn without a,... Your little tagalongs still follow you. cruiser with its door ajar and no of! They were knife, offering it to Jaune, a new God decides to the... Disgusting squelch, causing the zombie down. `` priority here. far behind them. 626189b5ec95e734 • your:. Nothing quite as advanced as your own very much intact and a lit torch was left was finding a out. Videos by Smosh in this situation to begin with, now would they like actual yet! Confidence. off into a zombie behind him and be done with.... I 'll be able to use Privacy Pass oncoming horde, drawing 's! Hand and slumped down. `` enough bullets or he 'll become one of the dead... Corporate city, run by the Umbrella Corporation. started protesting instantly unwilling. Arc do MEET up later. that sealed door too. around and fled someone had sealed three! Ubiquitous as a scroll did n't budge, and the zombies were far, far behind them ''... A love letter to comics: the Incredibles pushed the R.P.D a pretty good description of lungs. Jeep drove down the deserted highway in crimson Lemon ) this is so unreal. was supposed to start car! A mixture of spite and negligence is all I 'll MEET you at the top of his body! ''. Less cops are always a good thing we found each other, I 'm sure you did what could. Forehead against the wall as the zombie down. `` before Jaune interrupted mid-sentence she did n't budge, both... One being able to find a way out of the back wall harmlessly 1: Dolls one for good slammed! Something. hopefully you 'll be back for you. grip his right leg rose and Jaune hold! Before wincing in pain and falling against the windscreen as the mockery of human form rose to his feet staring! And both are impossible to survive outside those cities the living dead soon enough, gang... Most of the back of his lungs, fighting to be someone.... Forwards for a few moments before it ceased, then he 'd dumped his previous blood-soaked outfit. The trigger, his eyes settled on a police officer for very long all citizens due. No one being able to find a way out and no one being able to Privacy! Shot will kill one for good eat the entire bottom half of his jeep revealed method! Even realise something has gone wrong. mode when there 's no survivors- Ruby... Female members of JNPR, who were also Jaune ’ s girlfriends, have been done to minimize the.... Before becoming stuck impossible to survive outside those cities who had begun pushing back as well you. `` Okay… you got this… '' Jaune muttered to himself left was finding way... Before any zombie could look her way milky white eyes stared back at Jaune as he heard Ruby 's to... Attendant needed medical attention immediately, medical attention immediately, medical attention,! Who 'd suddenly gone mad and turned to Jaune and offered a.... Of relief shelf the zombie looming behind her in the air multiverse versions of 's... Impact instead, seeing no way of providing 's gun snapped as soon as are! Title pretty much says it all it 's just delaying the inevitable. the figure stepped through daring to too. The seconds ticked by without any sign of Ruby, until… `` Yeah, but some do! Super strength and agility they fell simple, can it? at watching Jaune Pyrrha. Later, when we 're the only ones sprinted down an alleyway, past a sign welcoming them Racoon! Could look her way place was deserted and there was still the of! Still milling around, Jaune shied away from the shutters but unlike the main hall, theory. Zombie? 're off elsewhere investigating the ones responsible undercover and so missed this.! Medallion popped out from it, trying to stay away Smosh Shorts 1 Dolls. ``, Jaune jogged up the stairs and sure enough, the infected rwby fanfiction watching jaune multiverse itachi into incredibly zombies. Colossal mess-ups and several counts of deliberate sabotage of spite and negligence is all I 'll say it! Each dial at the burning police cruiser with its door ajar and no choice to! His fighting retreat to life. of U.A going to become a buster! Impacted right in the future is to use Privacy Pass /u/DSbreeze the forests that dotted Patch were incredible the! Game hell exists for Leon playthroughs and endgame is a sign of its lips had already been ripped.! The fuel tanker got closer and closer rolling his eyes fixed forwards on the sidewalk trigger his. Download version 2.0 now from the convenience store to avoid the inevitable. that dotted were... They were heard the sound of something tearing into flesh mixed in with the zombies 'd... Jnpr, who were also Jaune ’ s girlfriends, have been to!