She said the next step should be having discussions around breeding and breeding licensing. Margot Deconna, a 33-year-old spokesperson for the Humane Society for North Central Florida, said her organization strongly supports the ordinance as a first step to find a positive way forward in curbing the frequency of attacks. We provide information about building department, planning, zoning and development review, trasportation division and Code Enforcement division. In the Alachua County case, Brasington ordered both sides to submit their respective motions for summary judgment by Jan. 11. “You are rewarding and giving money to an agency that has not been shown to be doing its job,” said Washington. For burn permits outside the city limits, contact the Division of Forestry at 352-395-4951. 1 alachua county 2 board of county commissioners 3 4 ordinance no. Should you have any questions, please call us at 352-374-5243 for building department and 352-374-5249 for all other divisions for assistance. Alachua County aims to continually improve the accessibility and usability of its website. ... Alachua County Fire Marshal 352-384-3101. Poultry farming ordinances may seem random to most, but Alachua County has adopted its own set of unique ordinances in order to attend to a growing interest in backyard chicken farming. She said she cannot send her mother to PTSD counseling related to the incident because they have no ability to pay for it. HEALTH AND SAFETY: Chapter 72. One less than 500 dog bites were recorded last year in Alachua County. She said the county needs to investigate the other ways of acquiring a pet then come up with regulations to ensure that all owners are getting their animals spayed, neutered and vaccinated, because unaltered animals, especially males, have a much higher tendency toward aggressive behaviors. Action Required by Brittany Dransfield, Redefining Livability Through Form, Function and Place, New Developments are Coming to Gainesville, Service Calls Decrease due to New Technologies animal control ordinance – draft 11/20/18 2:30 pm page 1 id: 523 alachua county1 2 board of county commissioners 3 4 ordinance no. 72.08 –9 enforcement procedures; “Public safety is paramount,” he said, “and whatever we need to do prosecute those folks that cannot take care of their animals, I want us to do that.”, Tags Alachua County Alachua County Animal Services Alachua County Commission animals County Commission Department of Health Florida humane society Ken Cornell North Central Florida profile Robert Hutchinson safety. Use the following link to access the Gainesville Municipal Code, Chapter 10: Fire Prevention and Protection, Article VI: Open and Outdoor Burning in its entirety. 3400 NE 53rd Avenue Gainesville, FL 32609. Get directions view our pets. Her mother was walking her puggle Fred in December when the two were attacked by another dog. The owning, possessing or harboring of any animal or bird which frequently or continuously howls, barks, meows, squawks, or makes other sounds which create excessivenoise across a residential or commercial real property line. Alachua County aims to continually improve the accessibility and usability of its website. The Risk Reduction Bureau of Gainesville Fire Rescue is charged by City Ordinance, Chapter 10: Fire Prevention and Protection, to conduct fire inspections in the City of Gainesville. A change was made to the ordinance in which the violation of pet licensing was removed from the code ordinance. City of Gainesville's Ordinances Appendix A Schedule of Fees, Rates, and Charges. Commissioner Ken Cornell said he hopes for strong enforcement and good documentation with this ordinance as it is implemented. Police: Former Florida Lawmaker Arrested In Haiti On Weapons Charge, Mutts, Masks And Modifications: How Veterinarians Are Handling COVID-19, Track Owners And Animal Shelters Prepare For The End Of Dog Racing In Florida, Ahead Of Christmas, A 3-Year Prison Sentence In Fatal Drunken Driving Crash. Takin' Care of Business by Cary Ader, Helyx Overpass Receives FRA Award The agency’s director said it plans to switch its full-staff coverage to 7 days per week from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. Ray Washington stepped up to the podium at the public comment portion and asked the commission to look into the department. Eight high-profile dog attacks in the past eight months led Tuesday to the Alachua County Commission taking action. “This ordinance would let us put the responsibility where it should be: with the owners of the animals,” said Ed Williams, director of Alachua County Animal Services. Transportation Planning Organization (MTPO), Metropolitan Transportation Planning Organization (MTPO). Arlene Stewart speaks Tuesday night at the Alachua County Commission meting. Alachua County Animal Services. § 72.38. ... Sale or donation of impounded animals for purpose of scientific research. 2019-__ 5 6 an ordinance of the board of county commissioners 7 of alachua county, florida, amending chapter 72 of 8 the alachua county code of ordinances, entitled In Alachua County, there were 499 dog bites recorded last year, according to the Florida Department of Health. Major violations are violent dog attacks and having a dog that is classified as dangerous. Tethering of animals will only be allowed under the direct supervision of their owner. The commission also approved an addition $192,703 for Animal Services to hire two additional officers, purchase vehicles, and pay for their five months of training.